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Allen and Page Horse Feeds

Mole Valley Farmers | Suppliers of Allen & Page Quality Horse FeedsAllen & Page
provide a full range of feeds, carefully tailored to meet your horse's needs whatever his workload, temperament, or type. From box rest, to feeding foals, to three-day eventing, our range provides a comprehensive selection of balanced, healthy feeds, which are manufactured using only the highest quality ingredients.

Rest and Light Work

We stock:

Allen & Page | Rest & Light Work Range | Fast Fibre | The Quick Soak Fibre Provider |Fast Fibre

The quick soak fibre provider, suitable for all horses and ponies, takes just 30 – 60 seconds to soak, very high fibre, low starch, low sugar. Fast Fibre is also barley and molasses free and is ideal for the good doer or for horses who tend to be hyper even on low energy feeds. Fast Fibre is also particularly useful for horses with dental problems as it can be used as a partial or complete hay replacer if necessary. Also suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis. Fast Fibre has a unique recipe which enables it to soak in under a minute, so you can be sure that your horse’s feed is always fresh.

  • Suitable for all horses and ponies.
  • Takes just 30 – 60 seconds to soak.
  • Very high fibre, low starch, low sugar

Allen & Page | Rest & Light Work | Ride and Relax - Stay Cool Without the Barley | Muesli Mix for Horses at RestRide & Relax

Ride & Relax is a light, muesli mix for horses at rest or in light to medium work. Suitable for horses with an intolerance to barley, molasses or alfalfa. Ideal for horses which tend to get excited even on low energy mixes. Fortified with Omega 3 and 6 oils for better all-round health and fantastic skin and coat condition. Ride & Relax is an excellent source of slow-release energy for all types of horses and ponies. Ride & Relax contains prebiotics and Protexin to help maintain the balance of friendly bacteria in the gut and guard against digestive upsets.

  • Barley, molasses and alfalfa free.
  • Low starch and high fibre.

Medium and Hard Work

We stock:

Allen & Page | Power & Performance Horse Feed Power & Performance

Release the potential.  Barley, molasses and alfalfa free, high energy performance feed. In trials, Power & Performance has been Allen and Page's most successful feed ever. Tested by top riders, the unique blend of energy sources has consistently improved focus and results.  Power and Performance is a revolutionary, new, high energy, low starch performance feed. For many years the performance horse has relied on high starch, cereal packed diets to provide them with the energy levels required for hard work. Power and Performance is a completely new approach to performance nutrition. Being free from barley and molasses Power and Performance is low in sugar and starch and provides the horse with a unique blend of high quality energy allowing horses to work hard, achieve results and perform to the best of their ability while remaining focussed and in control. (20kg)

Older Horses, Conditioning and Weight Gain

We stock:

 Allen & Page | Quality Horse Feed | Calm & Condition for Older Horses, Conditioning and Weight GainCalm and Condition

For topline without the barley.  The barley-free feed for horses and ponies who need to put on condition, while staying calm.  Ideal for horses or ponies that “hot-up” on normal conditioning feeds.  Protexin helps maintain a healthy digestive system.  Formulated without barley or oats, Calm and Condition is a pelleted feed for horses who need to put on condition, but remain calm. It is suitable for horses with a true barley intolerance. Low in starch and high in fibre, a careful high-oil balance of linseed and soya oil helps to produce fantastic skin and coat condition.(20kg)


Allen & Page | Old Faithful's Special Blend | Keeping Veteran Horses Full of VitalityOld Faithful's Special Blend

Keeping veterans full of vitality.  Pellet free and easy to chew – also extremely palatable.  Protexin and prebiotics may help maintain the balance of beneficial bacteria in your horse’s gut.  Old Faithful's Special Blend provides easily digestible sources to maintain condition, as well as high quality protein. For use at whatever age your horse starts to “drop off” condition and not look as well as he used to – for some this may be 14 years of age, but for others it may be at 22 years! A blend of linseed and soya oil helps to maintain healthy joints and can assist skin and coat condition, and this mix is designed to be appetising for the fussy feeder. Herbs work in synergy with other ingredients to provide an extremely effective feed for maintaining weight and condition. For horses that struggle with hay or haylege, Fast Fibre can also be fed to boost older horses fibre intake.(20kg)

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