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Clothing for your Horse

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The ‘wardrobe’ that you need to provide for your horse will depend on their type, your management system and what you intend to do with them.  A hardy native pony kept entirely for hacking will require far less paraphernalia than a thin skinned thoroughbred that competes.


Turnout rugs come in a variety of weights for differing degrees of warmth. Available in full neck rugs (known as combos), high necks or standard which can have a neck cover fitted. Choose according to your horse's type and whether he is clipped or not. Summer turnout rugs are for protection from rain and wind and do not have any filling.

Horse ClothingStable rugs have varied amounts of filling for different levels of warmth.

Fleece/Jersey are multi-purpose rugs used for cooling your horse after exercise or 'layering' under turnout/stable rugs to provide extra warmth.  They are also used for travelling and generally make your horse look smart.

Exercise rugs cover the quarters of a clipped horse, keeping it warm during winter exercise.

Summer sheets keep the horse clean and protect against flies.

Fly rugs protect horses from being plagued by flies and also prevent sun-bleaching of the coat. Often used with a fly mesh mask that protects the eyes and ears from flies.

Sweat rugs trap a layer of air which helps to dry off a sweating horse.  Traditional mesh sweat rugs should be used underneath a second rug.

Rollers are used to keep rugs in place. It must be fitted so that it does not press on the withers or spine. It is best to use a roller over a foam pad.

See our Horse Rug Size Guide for more information about fitting your rug.  Find a new rug in our extensive online shop.


Stable bandages made of wool or similar fabric, are used for protection, to improve circulation and for warming and drying legs. It is important that they are used correctly as tying them too tightly can damage the tendons.

Travelling bandages are used to protect the legs during travelling. They reach further down the leg than stable bandages, covering the coronet.

Exercise bandages protect the legs during exercise. They are made of crepe or slightly elastic fabric. It is essential that they are applied evenly so that tension is consistent over the leg and removed soon after work. They should only be used by experienced people.

Tail bandages improve the appearance of the tail and protect it during travelling. They should not be applied too tightly.

Find bandages and tail guards here.


Saddle and bridle - Good quality English leather, if looked after, will last and prove safe. Imported leather is a cheap alternative for everyday use and if you are adverse to tack cleaning, webbing is great for hacking.

You can find all manner of tack in our online shop.


Travel boots - These can replace bandages and padding.  They protect the horse and are quick and easy to use but may slip.

Exercise boots - Brushing boots, knee boots, over-reach boots and tendon boots are designed to prevent your horse from injuring itself during exercise.


Head collar and lead rope - Available in webbing or leather.  The lead rope must be strong and long enough to tie up safely.

Poll guard - Fits on a head collar and protects the head when travelling.

Tail guard - Protects the tail when travelling.

 There's a wealth of information and products available from our Equestrian section.


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