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Dodson and Horrell Horse Feeds

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Dodson and Horrell,  horse feed specialists, provide a range of high quality feeds for all your horse’s requirements.  The range is detailed here:

Leisure Range

The products in the leisure range are formulated using a wholesome variety of ingredients to provide sufficient energy for light to medium work and are packed with over 28 vitamins and minerals to ensure a well balanced and nutritious diet.  Also included in the range are products which are very low in calories and these are perfect for good doers in work or for horses and ponies that are turned out and only require a maintenance diet.

We stock:

Leisure Mix
The high fibre, low starch mix specifically for horses and ponies that are in light work or at rest. Leisure Mix is 85% whole cereal grain free and the feed is fortified with our package of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein and fibre to keep your horse or pony healthy.

High Fibre
An ideal choice for horses and ponies prone to laminitis.

Pasture Mix and Pasture Cubes
Both of which are light / medium work formulas, which support healthy digestion, are packed with vitamins and minerals and contain no added oats (20kg)

Veteran Range

As your horse or pony gets older, it is vital that his diet continues to offer the nutritional support his body needs for him to carry on living life to the full.  If you’re still enjoying hacking out or the odd competition, then there is no need to change his diet if you are happy with his condition and are meeting energy requirements.  Equally, if your veteran is retired and no longer ridden, don’t feel compelled to change his diet simply because he has reached a certain age – if he is holding his weight well and still has full working use of his teeth, carry on as you are!

However, when signs of ageing such as weight loss or poor condition become apparent or a concern, changing to a veteran-specific diet is highly recommended.  Specially formulated with the old horse in mind, using beneficial ingredients such as biotin, glucosamine and a pre-biotic, Sixteen Plus Mix and Cubes are a tried and trusted way of feeding your old friend to ensure that he gets the most out of the later years of life – that’s why they are the preferred choice of the Veteran Horse Society and Veteran Horse Welfare.

We stock:

Sixteen Plus Mix
Promotes overall well-being and provide musculoskeletal, immunity and veteran antioxidant support (20kg)

Weight/Condition Range

Achieving the right weight and condition is the aim of every horse owner, whether you are trying to feed a horse to address weight deterioration because of a specific problem, weight loss due to the horse’s natural disposition of not holding condition or are simply trying to achieve the desired top line and condition for competition or performance.

The products in our Weight / Condition range have been formulated to provide balanced diets containing carefully selected ingredients, quality protein and slow releasing energy sources that when combined with an appropriate exercise programme and good management will encourage condition and muscle development, helping your horse to look and feel fantastic.

We stock:

Build Up Mix and Cubes
Encourage weight gain, support muscle development, enhance appetite and maintain a healthy digestion (20kg)

Tailor Made Range

As owners, there will be times when your horses require something special or unique from their diet to satisfy a certain nutritional need.  It is with this in mind we have drawn upon our wealth of knowledge, expertise and research to put together our Tailor Made range, which includes products formulated for five very different but equally common feed associated scenarios.

We stock:

Safe and Sound
Formulated to meet the requirements of horses and ponies that may be prone to laminitis - the dread of any horse or pony owner.  The low calorie formula is packed with vitamins and minerals, supports hoof growth, promotes healthy digestion and beneficial antioxidant support (18kg)


In order for your horse to give his best performance, it is vitally important that he is fed a diet that complements both his natural disposition and the job that is being asked of him.  The demands of disciplines such as eventing and endurance call for slow releasing energy sources such as oil to support a sustained performance, whereas horses competing in other disciplines such as show jumping and dressage will benefit from fast releasing energy sources when controlled but instant bursts of speed, oomph or sparkle are required of them.

Yet there is more to the products in the competition range than just an energy supply.  They also provide essential ingredients to help support the body’s systems – immune, musculoskeletal and digestive – to promote long term health and well-being.  In order to be as successful as possible, all of these things need to come together like the pieces of a jigsaw and that’s why we have made sure that the picture is complete.

We stock:

Staypower Cubes
A low starch, slow releasing energy for stamina.  Advanced sports nutrition to optimise performance using oil and fibre, sustain muscle development, support post-work recovery and encourage long term well-being (20kg)

Competition Mix
A fast-releasing energy feed for competition.  Advanced sports nutrition to optimise performance, sustain muscle development, support post-work recovery and encourage long term well-being (20kg)


As with any mother and child, the correct nutrition during pregnancy, lactation and the early years of growth is vitally important.  It helps to support the developing immune, neural and musculoskeletal systems in foals, so that they grow and develop at the correct rate.  The products in this section have been specifically formulated for breeds that traditionally hold their weight well, such as Warmbloods a, part-bred or native breeds.  So whether you are a first time breeder or a seasonal professional, you can rest assured that your mares and youngstock are in safe hands.

We stock:

A balancer for all breeding stock to support normal growth, bone and joint development, immune function and glycaemic response (20kg)

Yearling Cubes
Scientifically formulated for Thoroughbred weanlings and yearlings.  Fortified with key nutrients such as copper and calcium, Yearling Cubes are designed to promote sound growth, condition and weight gain.  High quality protein combined with elevated vitamins and minerals provides correct nutrition from weaning up to 2 years of age. Yearling Cubes also contain high levels of biotin, which is essential for hoof health, skin and coat condition and energy metabolism (20kg)

Stud Cubes
Scientifically formulated for Thoroughbred broodmares and stallions.  A high quality, palatable cubed ration formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of breeding thoroughbred mares during pregnancy and lactation. Also recommended for working stallions and growing youngstock.  The high nutrient specification has been designed to promote correct foetal growth and milk production (20kg)


Management, training and feeding are all integral parts of breeding and racing Thoroughbreds. However, feeding can be one of the most confusing aspects, owing to the increasing choice of products available and constant updates in the way we feed.  In addition the racing Thoroughbred presents many more nutritional challenges than most, as it has to sustain the highest level of fast work and stamina, with rapid recovery. Often it is still also in the growth and development stages of life Dodson & Horrell aim to take the confusion out of this process by providing a range of feeds specifically formulated for the Thoroughbred, along with the support of leading nutritionists and Thoroughbred specialists.

We stock:

Racehorse Cubes
Formulated specifically for racing thoroughbreds, this highly palatable cubed ration provides quick releasing energy required for fast work and replenishes glycogen stores following exercise.  Optimal levels of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants which are essential to help neutralise free radicals produced as a result of training are included within the diet, as well as B-vitamins to help stimulate appetite. The high nutrient density ensures that even horses with poor appetites will benefit from this feed.  Correct levels of quality protein help muscle development as well as aiding the recovery and repair process after racing.  Prohibited Substances – Dodson & Horrell monitors for the presence of specified naturally occurring prohibited substances as required under the rules of racing and the FEI (20kg).

Vitamins and Minerals

Whilst a bag of Dodson & Horrell provides a fully balanced diet, there are instances when additional nutritional support for your horse would be beneficial. We have a wide range of herbal products that are available as liquid tinctures or dried blends, plus the Sure range of supplements, to provide tailored support to help keep your horse fit and healthy.

We stock:

A broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement specifically formulated for breeding stock and horses in intense work. Surelimb provides optimal levels of vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed for the maintenance of a healthy musculoskeletal system.  Ideal for fast growing weanlings at risk of developmental problems or to balance the diet of horses fed straight cereals (2kg)


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