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Ear Tags at Mole Valley Farmers

Animal Identification - Ear Tag Order Hotline:  0845 6016926

Mole tag

NEW & EXCLUSIVE Mole Tag Ear Tags               

Made from one piece of plastic so no weak points. 

We know that tags have to be durable and strong, the plastic used is proven to last and contend with the elements.  We use a reinforced plastic composite with a high glass content to ensure a sharp strong point is always maintained.


Flexiblity and elasticity of plastic reduces snagging and ripped ears. 

Tags come out when they get caught on obstacles, feed barriers, fencing, silage netting, the list is endless.  We have found that by having a flexible plastic it has a much greater chance of working itself loose from whatever it snags on. We believe we have the most flexible tag on the market.


Stainless steel locking washer means tags physically cannot come apart when connected. 

We understand how frustrating it is when tags fall out.  We use an improved locking system with a steel washer inserted inside the female part of the tag.  Once the tag is locked together there is no way for it to come undone. 


Highly visible lifetime black print unlike other tags.

All our tags are laser printed so there is no more smudging or chance of ink fading over time.  The laser burns the number into the plastic so we can get a clear and legible print that lasts the lifetime of the tag.


Reinforced tip gives a clean and easy incision reducing infection and improving healing 

We strengthen the pin to maintain a sharp point and prevent it bending on insertion. We have come across other tags causing infection after application, we have never encountered this problem and attribute this to the quick and clean incisions from our tags and applicator.  


To place an order or for further information call  Mole Valley Plus Tag Hotline: 08456 016926


Animal identification - Cattle Ear Tag Range 

large and small mole tags

large & small

Large and medium mole tags

Large & medium

Medium and small mole tags

Medium & Small

medium and button or metal

Medium and button or metal

large and button or metal

Large & button or metal

Medium mole tags

Large & Large or medium & Medium


We have a local rate telephone number set up to put you in direct contact with a sales co-ordinator who can process your order for ear tags.  Dialling 0845 6016926 ensures that your order can dealt with by a trained and informed member of our team.  If you are ordering ministry tags please be sure to have you herd/flock number and your CPH (holding) number to hand as this information will be required.  With lots of numbers and letters involved it can often be easier to fax or email the information to us.  If you would like to do this, our fax number is 01769 576223  and our email address is

The current advice for identification, registration and movement of farm animals is listed on the www.GOV.UK website as follows:

Cattle: Identification, Registration and Movement - Find out more >> 
Sheep and Goats: Identification, Registration and Movement - Find out more  >>
Pigs: Identification, Registration and Movement - Find out more >>
Poultry: General Regulations - Find out more >>



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