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Beef Compounds

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 Current animal feed related opportunities in the calf, heifer and beef sectors:

  • Increase daily liveweight gain

  • Improve feed conversion efficiency

  • Reduce scours

  • Optimise mammary growth

  • Reduce age at first calving

  • Increase number of animals reared per year

Product Focus

  • Product selection is based on target growth rate, feeding system, forage type and personal preference

  • Energy level and source and protein level and type are crucial

  • Controlled ingredient selection in calf feeds ensures dry matter intake is maximised, rapid rumen development and improved performance

  • Biotin is included in certain heifer feeds to help prevent lameness

  • Yeast is included in intensive beef feeds to improve feed conversion efficiency

  • Vitamin E is included at high levels in certain intensive beef feeds to increase meat quality

Latest Research and Development

  • Calf protein nutrition

  • Accelerated rearing programmes for heifers

  • The influence of vitamin E on meat quality


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