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Beet the recession!

With animal feed making up a substantial part of production costs it is no wonder that some farmers have returned to growing fodder beet. With each hectare capable of producing fresh yields of up to 90 tonnes, even a few hectares grown can make all the difference in reducing those all important winter feed costs. The traditional way of utilising fodder beet is to lift the roots in October and store them in a clamp, with dairy farmers using them in mixed forage diets throughout the winter. However, we have now seen the crop being used for beef and sheep production with many being grazed in situ, which obviously removes a substantial cost element for harvesting.

Although out-wintering systems are not for everyone, fodder beets can also suit these systems with some varieties growing out of the ground and allowing the animal’s full access to the roots. Growing costs are quite expensive as the crop requires herbicide and fertiliser programmes but with very high dry matter yields of 13-15 tonnes per hectare and ME’s at 12.5 – 13.5 MJ/kg DM the fodder beet crop certainly looks good value.

Average Dry matter yields 13-15t/ha
Average fresh yields 80-90t/ha
Dry matter content 13-19%
Metabolisable energy 12.5-13.5MJ/kg DM

Typical yields and feed quantity of fodder beet

Fodder Beet

We have a superb range of varieties:

  • Blaze
  • Robbos
  • Kyros
  • Blizzard

Please contact us to discuss which one is the best suited to your system. Call your local Farm Sales Co-ordinator.

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