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Dear Customer, because of exceptional demand we are no longer able to offer Express Delivery service.

For more information, please contact the Fertiliser Helpline
on 01769 576405 or email [email protected].

Blended Fertilisers

Our own brand fertilisers are blended by us at our dedicated production facility in Newport, South Wales. and manufactured with high quality Calcium Ammonium Nitrate as the main Nitrogen Source. 

  • Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (Nitro-chalk) is a high quality raw material making it the best product to use in blends.
  • High water soluble phosphates are used to maximise in-season crop availability
  • All ingredients are screened and dust extracted to ensure accuracy of spreading
  • Alternative grades can be formulated and blended on request


Autumn Grades


Traditional Grades

12:15:20     22:4:14
13:13:21     23:0:14
15:15:15     24:13:0

Power Blend Fertilisers       

The Power Blend range is a cost saving range of products from Mole Valley Forage Services. It is produced with high quality Urea, DAP and MOP

  • Reduces the need for split applications of spring fertiliser on silage fields!
  • Contains ZERO filler!
  • Granular Urea as the nitrogen source considerably reduces the risk of leaching from heavy rain after application
  • Many more acres covered with every spread load
  • Reduces storage and handling
  • Excellent spreading and storage qualities               


Power Blend
Equivalent Factor
Tonnes Conventional
Tonne Equivalent Power Blend
Saving per Tonne (estimate)
21:8:14 1.27 27 T 21 T £15
26:14:14 20:10:10
1.35 27 T 20 T £12
30:0:21 24:0:17
1.25 27 T 21.5 T £17
36:7:7 25:5:5 1.43 27 T 19 T £14
36:17:0 24:13:0 1.4 27 T 19 T £26
Granular urea 46% AN 34.5% 1.33 27 T £20 T £26



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