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Dairy Hygiene Overview

Mole Valley Farmers
commitment to providing support for dairy farmers has, in recent years, taken a huge step forward.

Mole Valley Farmers have helped many hundreds of farmers who have experienced stock health and hygiene issues on their dairy farms.

Mole Valley Farmers endeavours to support and advise dairy farmers about hygiene and animal welfare to help improve the quality and yield of milk for the farmer. We can also be contacted if a new parlour or shed is being installed and a farmer wants an expert opinion to help avoid future problems.

If you have a high SCC, Bactoscan or Thermodurics report from your milk distributor we would advise you to contact us immediately. The faster we are informed the faster we can help you to resolve the problems.

It should be noted though, there is no need to wait for you to have a big problem, if you suspect that your readings are increasing, even by small amounts or very slowly, then contact us as soon as possible. It is a lot easier to prevent a problem rather than try to tackle a large issue. Which ever scenario may apply to you, do not hesitate to contact us at Mole Valley Farmers.

Dairy Hygiene Products:

Dairy Hygiene Guide:

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