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Ecocorn Varicool

Ecocorn Varicool combines the fermentation and animal performance benefits of MTD/1 inoculant with reduced aerobic spoilage from potassium sorbate, a safe, non-corrosive food and feed-approved acid salt preservative.


Trials by the MGA and Kingshay have shown repeatedly that chemicals are more robust that inoculants for preventing aerobic spoilage. In the 2002 MGA trial DoubleAction Ecocorn (MTD/1+potassium sorbate) was the only product tested to reduce the daily loss in income due to heating and spoilage.


MTD/1 is the unique high performance strain of Lactobacillus plantarum proven over a wide range of crops and ensiling conditions to improve fermentation and animals performance.

MTD/1 increases the speed and efficiency of fermentation, reducing fermentation losses and improving palatability.

The Varicool Concept - Low Volume - Variable Rate

Maize and whole crop silages are very prone to aerobic spoilage, especially at feedout. Resulting in high DM losses and significantly reducing their potential intake and production advantages.

Some facts about clamps and aerobic spoilage:

  • Clamps are not uniform so the risk of aerobic spoilage varies.
  • Air must be present so iti is the top, shoulders and face of the clamp that are most at risk.
  • At feedout, although the whole face is exposed to air, the risk is much higher at the top due to the effect of silage density on how far air can travel into the clamp so clamps heat more at the top than the bottom.

This would suggest that to make most efficient  use of an anti-spoilage additive it should be applied at varied rates to different parts of the clamp. Yet it is important to treat all of the clamp at the same rate with inoculant.

  • Ecocorn Variool allows you to apply the inoculant and chemical preservative separately for maximum flexibility.
  • Ecocorn  Variool allows you to apply the chemical preservative at different rates, depending on the spoilage risk.
  • Ecocrn Varicool allows low volume application of both the inoculant and the chemical, reducing downtime.

You can apply potassium sorbate at different rates depending on the risk of aerobic spoilage, eg you could use a single rate across the whole clamp or you could apply it at three times this rate only on the last third going into the clamp.

Maize trials by Pries & Hunting at Landwirtschaftskammer Nordrhein-Westfalen in Germany and in the UK have shown that application of potassium sorbate (triple rate) can give over 10 days extra stability.

Pack Size and Storage

  • 100 Tonne pack contains:
  • 1 bottle of MTD/1 inoculant
  • 2x5kg cans of potassium sorbate
  • Unopened bottles can  be stored for 12 months in a cool dry place. Use diluted product within 2 days
  • Unopened cans can be stored 12 months in a cool dry place. Use diluted product within 1 month.

Mixing and Application


  • Dilute to 2 litres in the bottle
  • Apply at 20ml per tonne using an Ecosyler ULV applicator

Potassium Sorbate

  • Dilute 6 cans to 100 litres
  • Liquid apply at variable rates from 0.33 to 1 litre/t with a standard applicator, eg EcoFlow

Top Tips

Clamp Right

  • Chop to 1cm for easier compaction unless feeding a high level of maize, when it should increase to 1.5 to 2cm.
  • Fill the clamp rapidly, max 2 days - sheet overnight.
  • Fill evenly and in thin layers (max 15cm)
  • Roll continuously with extra attention to the shoulders, using single wheeled machinery to maximise pressure.
  • Make sure rolling is keeping up with the loads.
  • Roll for a max 30mins in the evening. Put the first load on top the next morning before rolling begins.
  • Cover with two 500 gauge sheets with plenty of overlap between the side and top sheets, and weight well with touching tyres or bales. Alternatively, replace the outer sheet with a heavy woven cover weighted with sandbags. Another option is to use ’Clingfilm’ for the inner sheet.

Feed Right

  • Wait 3 weeks before opening if you can to allow the fermentation to stabilise, the grains to soften and the clamp to settle fully- you can open sooner but aerobic losses can be higher-ask for advice.
  • Use a block cutter or shear grab to keep the face tight. If using a bucket, scrape down, not up.
  • Move the face back quickly; at least 15cm per day in winter, 30cm in summer-take half bites if necessary.
  • Cut or roll the sheet back as you go and weight the front edge. Never leave it hanging down over the face-this creates a greenhouse effect behind it, encouraging mould growth. If birds are a problem, net the face.
  • Tidy up fallen silage to prevent it going mouldy and spores blowing up onto the face.


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