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For more information about silage additives please contact Graham Ragg, Arable and Fertiliser Sales Manager, on 01840 213620, 
 07798 583667 or contact the seedline on 01769 576232 or email [email protected].

The Ecosyl Range of Silage Additives

Ecosyl Products are one of the world's leading companies involved in silage additives. Using their own patented production technology, the range of silage additives includes the well known silage inoculants Ecosyl 100. which contains MTD/1, the unique high performance strain of Lactobacillus plantarum discovered originally by ICI.  In addition there is the DoubleAction range of silage additives comprising inoculant plus chemical preservative, such as DoubleAction Ecocorn.

Products available from Mole Valley Farmers

Ecosyl 100 Grass Silage Additive

Ecocorn Varicool

DoubleAction Ecocorn




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