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Mole Valley Feed Solutions

Committed to Sustainable Farming

South MoltonOur Heritage…

In 1960, a small number of farmers came together and compared their farm inputs costs. By working together, they found they could buy better as a group than as individuals.

Mole Valley Farmers was born.

Our Philosophy…

'To provide the highest level of customer service combined with the best value for money over the widest range of products'.

Whilst agriculture has changed significantly over the last 48 years, our approach has remained true to its original purpose. The company is still owned by farmers for the benefit of farmers and offers an extensive range of products and services at competitive prices.

What is important…?

It is important that our market presence continues to create a highly competitive pricing environment for agricultural products thus preventing other supply companies trying to profiteer at the farmer’s expense.

It’s your business….

"We are all very proud to be working on behalf of our farming shareholders, who are represented by a committed board of non-executive farming directors. They ensure Mole Valley Farmers maintains its core values, delivering competitive pricing, membership benefits, along with good facilities complimented by an extensive range of products to choose from either through our stores or online. 

 "In recent years significant investment has taken place, particularly, within our agricultural business, to ensure we have a sustainable long-term business for the benefit of both current and future farming generations. In 2005 we purchased a company called Pye Bibby which was subsequently re-branded Southern Valley. For various, practical and logistical reasons we felt it was right to maintain points of differentiation between Mole Valley Farmers and Southern Valley.

 "During the last two years, the emphasis has been to progress towards integrating these two feed businesses into one combined enterprise. We now feel the time is right to combine both brands into one, fully inclusive, feed company, Mole Valley Feed Solutions, offering an extensive range of products and services, including compounds, blends, meals, straights and minerals, combined with a range of technical support services – a total feed solution for the ruminant livestock producer.

 "Mole Valley Feed Solutions, with the combined experience, reputation and knowledge of two well respected feed businesses, is consistent with our approach to providing farming members with cost effective products and services that can help them improve productivity and performance. 

 "By really understanding our customers’ ruminant feed requirements, I am confident farmers will have access to a comprehensive range of products and services designed to help achieve optimum production of milk and meat from feed. This exciting initiative will deliver a much more focussed feed business, delivering customer service, efficiencies, innovation and value."


Our Aims – Dynamic… Innovative… Progressive...

Managed by an experienced and committed team, Mole Valley Feed Solutions’ approach will ensure we continue to differentiate and add value to your enterprise. It will be a priority to continue to innovate, developing new products and services, investing in research along with exploring new technologies and understanding how they can be applied effectively within agriculture.

We aim to be progressive and consistent in our approach, looking at ways of improving customer service, efficiency, product quality and price competitiveness ensuring we always put our customers first.

...your solution

Our Focus...

'Price x Choice x Quality x Service = Customer Value


As a farming co-operative we recognise the importance of our customers being able to buy competitively without compromising product specifications.


The widest range of products to suit all farming enterprises from Feed, Fertiliser, Animal Health, Seed, Cereals, Fencing, Crop packaging products to name a few!


The highest quality products are ensured through our raw material procurement and high standards of sourcing. Quality, well trained people will deliver quality, effective advice to your farming enterprise.


Our customer service team ensures our standards go beyond expectation of our customers. Our staff think ‘customer first’ at all times in all areas of our business.

"Our focus is to offer a choice of quality products at competitive prices and combining that with the highest level of customer service. This focus ensures at all times we deliver our customers good value.

"Mole Valley Feed Solutions is about delivering the right solution, optimising productivity, developing efficiency & improving the profitability of our customers.

"We are committed to supporting our farming customers in achieving a healthy, profitable and sustainable future within agriculture."


 Let Mole Valley Feed Solutions be part of your team...


Feed nutrition
Arable and foage
Mole Valley Farmers retail
Animal health

End Processor
Retail food


...your support

Nutrition and Rationing Advice...

An experienced team of feed specialists can provide you with Nutritional, Fertility, Health and general herd management advice to meet your exact requirements.

We will help you identify problems, work with you to develop efficiency, productivity and increased enterprise profitability.

Using a wide range of technical support tools that include –

  • Kingshay dairy costings
  • NMR Interherd herd management
  • Advanced FIM rationing programmes
  • Sumit milk forecasting and quota monitoring
  • Silage, fresh grass and forage mineral analysis
  • GrassWatch information service
  • Dairy Herd Health and Productivity Service (blood sampling and metabolic profiles)
  • Sheep & Beef production bench marking







Recognised qualification...

Chris BartrumAs part of our investment in people, Mole Valley Feed Solutions in association with Harper Adams University College, has developed an ‘Industry First’, a qualification that delivers a certified diploma in practical feed nutrition. This will provide you with suitably qualified staff to develop your herds nutritional requirement.

'We believe this will become the industry standard in years to come and reflects the commitment by Mole Valley Feed Solutions to lead the field and deliver professional advice on farm.'

Dr Chris Bartram, Head of Product Development


Research and Innovation...

TMR FeederMole Valley Feed Solutions have a programme of trial work in association with Hillsborough Research centre, Harper Adams Agricultural College, Reading University and Cannington Agricultural College look to innovate and develop new ideas and solutions for our farmer members. 

Strong links with suppliers and other leading nutritionists across the world coupled with the review of scientific literature and attendance at world leading conferences, our technical support team, ensures Mole Valley Feed Solutions remains at the cutting edge at all times. 

Mole Valley Feed Solutions are committed to innovation across the ruminant feed sector with unique research and development underway in the following areas –

  • Feed strategies to reduce methane production in ruminants
  • Protein nutrition and the environment
  • Amino acid nutrition in ruminants
  • Vitamin nutrition in dairy cows
  • Feeding systems and dry matter intake
  • The importance of dietary fibre in high yielding dairy cows
  • Dry cow nutrition
  • Optimum calf nutrition for lifetime performance

Modern Production...

Straight feedsMole Valley Feed Solutions offers a range of ruminant feeds to suit your enterprise, with a proven range of conventional or organic diets. 

With over 450,000 tonnes of feed sold per annum, Mole Valley Feeds Solutions is the largest farmer owned, independent feed manufacturer in the UK.

Four efficient and modern animal feed manufacturing mills, strategically located throughout the South, produce a range of compound and precision blended feeds. All sites are run through a controlled manufacturing process which encompasses fail-safe systems, ensuring we meet quality and traceability requirements, laid down by industry watchdog UFAS, without compromise.


...your products

Compound Feed

Sheep in kaleUsing modern milling technology, utilising the latest research and knowledge, combined with our raw material quality protocol and specific formulation process, Mole Valley Feed Solutions produce a range of market leading feeds for all applications and feeding demands.

Rumigan Organic Feeds

Mole Valley Feed Solutions manufacture a comprehensive range of Organic feeds from the Huntworth Mill in Bridgwater, which is both Soil Association and Organic Farmers and Growers Approved.

Optimix Blends

The Optimix range of coarse and meal blends are designed to match different forage and farm feeding systems. We also pride ourselves on manufacturing tailor-made formulations designed to optimise your livestock output.

Straights and Alternative Feeds

Mole Valley Feed Solutions can supply a range of feed materials and ‘alternative’ diets through an experienced team of traders, delivering sound advice on market trends, price movements and with the ability to purchase feeds on a spot or forward contract basis.


Feed deliveryMole Valley Feed Solutions manufacture a wide range of high quality mineral and vitamin supplements to suit all diets and systems of production. These products are made in our own modern, purpose built factory, using high quality raw materials to ensure constant quality and nutrient availability.

Our technical team are happy to formulate minerals to suit your farm, ration, herd performance and circumstances.

Dairy, Beef and Sheep products, TMR Pre-mixes, Mineral licks, Feed Buckets and Blocks all complete a range of products to suit your needs.

Milk Powders

Mole Valley Feed Solutions offer a comprehensive and cost effective range of milk replacers for calf and lamb rearing systems.

Quality Assurance...

Dedicated quality assurance is essential for all suppliers in the food chain.


Mole Valley Feed Solutions are at the forefront of ensuring that products are safe, consistent and perform according to expectation.

A unique, extensive feed materials database underpins the manufacture of all compounds and blends. Routine reviews are in place and an experienced formulation and quality team work in conjunction with the technical, production and logistics staff, to ensure that all requirements are met.

  • AIC Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS)
  • Feed Materials Assurance Scheme (FEMAS)
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis at Critical Control Points) scheme.
  • ‘BSI – British Standards Institution ISO14001’
  • Soil Association Ltd & Organic Farmers and Growers Ltd Standards Approval
  • VMD accredited retailer


UFAS VMD Accredited Retailer FEMAS Organic Farmers & Growers Soil Association

...your service

Your Customer Services Team...

Mole Valley Feed Solutions believe in treating all customers as individuals.

We believe in providing a level of customer service that is welcoming and friendly, helpful and informative, and delivers the answers when you need them.

Whether a simple enquiry, order or request for help, we aim to provide the highest level of satisfaction at all times, by putting the customer first.

Your Delivery Service...

Our dedicated logistics team work closely with our customer services advisors to ensure that your order gets delivered ‘on time and in full’ through a fleet of modern vehicles working 24/7, complemented by trained, courteous drivers.

Farmer Shareholder...

Silage balesOwned by farmers for farmers, Mole Valley Feed Solutions delivers the support, advice, products and services at competitive prices for your business enterprise. This commitment is driven further through the recent introduction of the Farmer Shareholder initiative, delivering financial benefits and allowing farmers to have an impact on the future direction of this business.

Ask now for details on how to become a farmer shareholder and you could receive the following benefits:

  • Farm Input Rebate Scheme on specific product categories
  • 3% Cash discount on retail goods
  • 1% direct debit discount
  • Full access to on farm services
  • Monthly informative newsletter
  • Mole Valley Plus member benefits package
  • Right to vote and elect your Board of Directors

"It is very important, to make sure all our farming shareholders feel part of the company. After all it is theirs, and they can benefit from our growing scale and exclusive Shareholder Input Rebate Scheme that annually rewards commitment and support."


It’s your business, let us help you grow and shape your future.

Customer Services Line - 01278 444829



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