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For more information, please contact the Fertiliser Helpline
on 01769 576405 or email [email protected].


More Information:

A Selection of our Fertilisers

Nitrogen Fertilisers

  • CF Nitram 34.5%
  • AN (Ammonium Nitrate)
  • CAN 27% (Calcium Ammonium Nitrate)
  • 27:0:0+12So3
  • Granular Urea 46%

 A Unique Farmer Focused Business

Mole Valley Forage Services has a very simple objective – to provide farmers with innovative and cost effective fertiliser solutions that will enable them to improve returns.




Dedicated to adding value 

Mole Valley Forage Services is dedicated to making a positive difference to our customers’ farming enterprise and in order to do this we have a team of fertiliser specialists that are dedicated to providing first hand advice and services on farm. This team continue to provide advice on a range of fertiliser and associated products that are the best for your farming business.




Unique products and services

Our recommendations may contain products from a range of superior fertiliser products that are unique to the Mole Valley Forage Services business and have been designed to improve plant nutrition while at the same time responding to the need for products that are environmentally responsible.

A commitment to UK farming 

We have a state of the art deep water facility in Newport which allows us to procure raw materials in large volumes therefore producing the highest quality fertiliser and the most competitive rates.


PSDS 1 Non Haz

PSDS 2 NPK Non Hazard AS Based
PSDS 4 N-S Haz
PSDS 5 N-S Non Haz
PSDS 7 30.02+7
PSDS 8 p14.18,p15.10




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