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by Keith Ockenden, Commercial Director

As custodians of the Mole Valley Farmers business, it is our role to support our shareholders and members, offering on-farm advice and competitive quality products that will sustain improvements in productivity, efficiency and ultimately farm profitability.

Improving milk yields, improving daily liveweight gain in beef and dairy youngstock, as well as maximizing the performance of sheep flocks from farmers’ own resources, is always going to be a key focus for us, whilst balancing input costs and best practice. The ‘Forage for Profit’ initiative aims at raising awareness across our industry of the opportunities to improve forage quality and quantity. MVF grass silage analysis during 2009 averaged ME values at 10.3 MJ/kg DM. This average indicates the opportunity for farmers to improve energy levels and deliver better results whilst reducing their production costs with often, only small changes in management practice.

We combine knowledge from around the industry, information from key suppliers, specialist universities and colleges and local best farming practice. We then share this valuable information to all members and shareholders, supporting improvements in grassland management, grazing practice and silage making, improving energy levels and delivering better farm profitability.

In this Grassland and Forage for Profit section, there are articles which focus on maximizing the value of the crops you grow on your farms. I hope you will find it helpful.

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