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Mole Valley Farmers Fuel Oils Call Mole Valley Plus on 01769 576 201

Fuel Oils - Heating Oil, Tractor Diesel or Road Diesel

Did you know - we supply fuel oils in the form of heating oil (Kerosene, 28 second burning oil), tractor diesel (gas oil, red diesel) and derv (white diesel, road diesel) to Mole Valley Farmers Members?  

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By using your Mole Valley Farmers Account you can obtain special discounts and, as prices change on a daily basis, why not call our office today for an up-to-date quotation or to place your order.

In addition to the normal delivery service, members are welcome to take advantage of our automatic fuel top-up service for domestic oil (see below). To place your order or obtain an up-to-date quotation, call our friendly Oil Sales Team on 01769 576201 or email us at

Fuel oils

Our Fuel Top Up Service - Oil Top-Up Forms

If you never want to worry about running out of domestic heating oil again then why not think about going onto our top-up service? Simply complete and return a short application form and once you’re up and running on our top-up service deliveries will be set by a computerized system and will be charged to your Mole Valley Account.

We work closely with our fuel suppliers to offer you honest
and consistant pricing, find out more by visiting Mole Fuel Solutions, click here.


Storage Tanks

If you need storage tanks for your fuel or oil, or even a septic tank or storage tank for drinking or rain water, look no further.  Find more information about the range of tanks offered by Mole Valley Farmers.


Bulk Gas -

LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) is the fuel of choice for many farmers in rural off-mains gas communities providing a solution suited to both farm and farmhouse. LPG has all the flexibility of mains gas and has an enviable environmental and safety track record, burning more cleanly, producing fewer carbon emissions, less smell and less smoke than some other fuels. It is highly versatile and brings all the benefits of mains gas to rural areas.

Please call us on 01769 576201, we may well be able to facilitate a better deal than you are currently enjoying.

Changes to the Domestic LPG Market - how will it affect me?

Following the recommendations of the Competition Commission, a new set of rules relating to the Bulk Supply of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) for domestic use were applied on the 13th April. These rules are designed to make it easier and more cost effective for customers to switch suppliers

Who do the new regulations apply to?

The Regulations will apply only to those that use Bulk LPG to heat their household or for domestic cooking. It will not apply to any commercial use of LPG, or to any metered estate customers.

Supply Contracts

It is normal for LPG Providers to ask their domestic customers to enter into a supply agreement covering the supply of gas and maintenance of the tank. These agreements have previously lasted up to five years, but now no agreement will be allowed to go beyond two years and will affect both new and existing agreements. 

Switching Suppliers

On terminating an agreement, customers will be able to request that their current tank (usually owned by the supplier) is transferred to their new supplier, who will purchase the tank, cutting down on transfer time and eliminating uplift cost to the customer.

An incoming supplier is not obliged to purchase the current tank, but if they do not, they will be required to install their own tank within 42 days. If a customer’s supply agreement is at an end, their existing supplier will not be permitted to charge them any additional fee. If a new supplier has costs involved in obtaining a new customer, then these costs will not be covered by the regulations.


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