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Maize Seed

Winter Holding Single Crop Sowing

HiBird Maize Blend


Why choose this product?   


HiBird Maize blend will achieve a spread of maturity cob ripeness and supply a valuable source of feed.   


  • Tried and tested

  • A blend combining early intermediate & late varieties.

  • All varieties are selected for good early vigour & standing power.

  • Laboratory tested for germination and vigour.

  • Packed in 1.1 Acre (50,000 Seed Units).

  • Treated with either or both insecticide & fungicide.

  • Insecticide also acts as a bird repellent


Crop Height 180-200cm

Axiome Compact


Why choose this product?  


Axiome Compact is very suitable for the more challenging Maize growing areas and can be sown as late as mid June.  


  • A maize selected from our own breeding programme.
  • Sown in June Axiome’s compact growth habit will ensure beating lines are kept straight!
  • Excellent early vigour & superb standing power.
  • Packed in 1.1 Acre (50,000 Seed Units).
  • Treated with both insecticide & fungicide plus bird repellent.


Crop Height 150-170cm




Sowing & Growing

Seed Rate

45,000 seed per acre.  Supplied in 50,000 seed units.




Drill only


 2 - 3 inches

Row Width

30 inches


When soil maintains 10°C for three consecutive days, usually April to mid May.



Type preferred

Light well drained soil is preferred.

Seed bed

Firm and fine, aim to retain moisture.




Where organic manures are used the value of the nutrients should be included in the calculation.



Weed control

Herbicide Programme available (see Herbicide Guidelines). 


Guard against birds immediately after drilling until crop is well established.



If your shoot is in a safety zone then avoid maize for game cover as this can also be a potential reservoir of the pest and may pose a risk to forage maize crops.


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