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GrassLink Compound Feeds 2010

After a very successful last year with our GrassLink summer dairy range, it will again be the mainstay of our spring/summer dairy compound offering this year. We have not needed to make any significant changes to the rations as they all performed well.

All these options are based on high digestible fibre formulations which are proven to help grass DM intakes. Close attention is paid to the provision of digestible undegradable protein (DUP). This is often limiting in rations high in grazed grass and is required to balance the high levels of effective rumen degradable protein contained in grass. An increase in the supply of DUP is likely to increase milk yield ( Fig.1).

Figure 1

When poor weather puts pressure on DM intakes of fresh grass (as in the last two years) then supplementing with additional concentrate gives the best response as daily DM intakes will be increased with the minimum substitution of grazed grass. This is shown in Fig 2, but must be done as soon as the grass DM or availability of grazing comes under pressure if performance is not to be compromised.


Substitution Rate
(kg grass DM replaced per kg supplement DM)

Grass silage




18% protein compound


Figure 2 - Substitution from Supplementary Feeding with a lentiful Grazing Supply

Source: Mayne & Leaver 1997

Targeting the right cows for the additional concentrate is the key to maintaining good grass intakes whilst also maintaining cow performance. Using the GrassWatch information, along with the excellent experience we have of supplementary feeding in grazing situations will help make the most of your concentrate spend. Your local feed specialist and business development manager can give you more details, along with a detailed look at your ration and grazing strategy for this spring. As always, it is the attention to detail and the willingness to adapt that will ensure success.

Compound Range:

All products are low protein and high digestible fibre.

Specialist Blend Range:

  • Maximisa BF 16/16 - contains Energiser RP10
  • Maximisa LiFT - contains LiFT
  • Maximisa BF 24 - HDF and high protein for buffer feeding

More details about blends.

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