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Mineral Buckets

Which MVF mineral bucket for sheep?

For general health - use Sheep General Purpose and Garlic Plus.

For sheep pre-lambing / pre-tupping - use Feet & Fertility Plus and Sheep General Purpose.

For lameness / foot health - use Feet & Fertility Plus.

For grass staggers - use Sheep Hi Mag.

For fertility status - use Feet & Fertility Plus.

For organic options - use Rumigan Organic Dual Purpose Lick.

The Range

Sheep General Purpose
Sheep Hi Mag
Feet & Fertility Plus (MVF Professional Range)
Garlic Plus (MVF Professional Range)
Rumigan Organic Dual Purpose Lick

Sheep General Purpose 20kg

Contains a full complement of vitamins, including B vitamins, minerals and trace elements. An excellent mineral supplement for sheep.

  • Feed all year for healthy ewes and lambs

  • Packed with vitamins to maintain flock health

  • High vitamin E levels

  • Good levels of cobalt for enhanced energy metabolism

  • Contains additional B vitamins

Complementary products:

Mineral Buckets (MVF Professional Range) - Feet & Fertility Plus
Retail Powdered Supplements - Sheep GP
Nutri-LINK Powdered Supplements - GP EweHoused Ewe
Feed Buckets - Super Energy 16
Feed Blocks - Energy & Protein

Sheep Hi Mag 20kg

Contains high levels of sugars and starch – to encourage palatability – along with highly available magnesium to reduce the risk of grass tetany (staggers). Fully fortified with minerals, vitamins and trace elements for sheep.

  • High sugar for good intake of magnesium

  • Feed at times of lush grass growth when magnesium levels at pasture are known to be low

  • Fortified with all other essential trace elements, vitamins and minerals

  • Contains additional B vitamins

Complementary products:

Liquid Feeds - Mole Mag
Retail Powdered Supplements - Hi Mag Sheep
Feed Blocks - Hi Mag Plus

Feet and Fertility Plus - MVF Professional Range 20kg

Contains essential trace elements plus high zinc levels to help promote keratin production and so improve hoof hardness.

The ultimate sheep bucket. High phosphorus, protected zinc, organic selenium, high vitamin E, omega 3 fish oils, sulphur and biotin.

  • Contains biotin – a vitamin proven to aid with the repair of horn tissue and improve hoof hardness

  • Sulphur added to help tissue repair

  • High zinc level promotes keratin production and improves hoof hardness

  • Protected zinc is included for maximum absorption

  • Contains Sel-Plex to improve immunity status

  • Omega 3 fish oils – Fertility

  • Can also be fed to cattle

Garlic Plus - MVF Professional Range 20kg

Contains vitamin E, selenium and added garlic to help repel biting insects and reduce summer mastitis.

The ultimate garlic bucket. A high specification mineral bucket with B vitamins and ultra high garlic inclusion to help repel biting insects.

  • Contains garlic as an active fly repellent

  • Helps repel biting insects from grazing stock

  • Helps reduce summer mastitis

  • Balances mineral and trace element deficiencies at grass

  • Contains high levels of vitamin E and selenium to boost immunity levels

  • Contains protected zinc and Sel-Plex to improve immunity levels and general health status


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