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Dear Customer, because of exceptional demand we are no longer able to offer Express Delivery service.

For more information, please contact the Minerals Line on
01278 420481
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Extra Information

Recommended Mineral Intake Levels 


Daily Intake

Dairy cows

75 – 150g/head/day

Grazing cattle

75 – 150g/head/day

Yarded cattle

75 – 150g/head/day


15 - 30g/head/day


Product Information 

Shelf Life 

All products have a shelf life of six months as standard. 

Quality Control 

All raw materials used are regularly tested for impurities and carry a FEMAS accreditation. 

Nutri-LINK Range or Custom Made Minerals 

Custom made mixes to suit your specific farm needs are also available. Taking into account your ration, herd performance and local deficiencies.


Free access minerals are fully weatherproofed, sweetened and spiced to enhance palatability and aid dust suppression. 

Raw Materials

Major Minerals

All raw materials are carefully sourced to provide optimum availability to the animal.

Trace Elements 

All Nutri-LINK minerals include a full complement of highly available trace elements. Health First chelated trace elements are available across the whole range upon request.


Vitamins A, D3, E, have been added across the Nutri-LINK range at optimal levels to meet modern day requirements.

The right balance to suit the farm and ration

  • The correct balance of minerals, trace elements and vitamins is essential to achieve maximum performance from high genetic merit dairy cows.
  • Matching the mineral requirement of the animal to achieve optimal performance with the ration being fed is often overlooked, limiting the ability of the cow to utilise other nutrients to their full extent.
  • Modern rations require lower phosphorus but much higher calcium than traditional diets dependent on forages and straights fed.
  • Supplementary calcium is often required to balance the diet and herd performance.
  • Mole Valley Farmers offer full technical support to help choose the most suitable product for your system.
  • Forage mineral analysis can be used to identify local issues on the farm.

Product Information

Where a specific requirement is identified, we can help to address areas of concern including:

  • Fertility / milk fever / metritis / retained placenta
  • Somatic cell counts / mastitis
  • Lameness / foot health
  • Acidosis / rumen function


For more information, please contact the Minerals Line on 01278 420481 or
email [email protected]

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