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Dear Customer, because of exceptional demand we are no longer able to offer Express Delivery service.

For more information, please contact the Minerals Line on
01278 420481 or email [email protected].

Mineral Supplements 

Mole Valley Farmers manufacture a wide range of high quality mineral and vitamin supplements to suit all diets and systems of production at our specialist manufacturing site in Bridgwater, Somerset.

 Nutri-LINK Minerals   Nutri-LINK Transition Dry Cow 400

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Additional Products:

These products are made in our own modern, purpose built factory, using high quality raw materials to ensure constant quality and nutrient availability. 

Key features: 

  • High specification
  • Quality raw materials
  • Full technical support
  • Molassed, spiced and weatherproofed
  • Flexibility - custom specials available

Details of our standard mineral ranges are shown on these pages.  They are available for collection from our retail branches or for delivery direct to farm and all are formulated for in feed or Free Access use (molassed, spiced and weatherproofed accordingly).  However, we also manufacture bespoke mineral supplements to your specification and can offer technical support to formulate a special mineral to suit your situation. 

Cost My Mineral

If you would like a quote for your mineral, please contact us on 01278 420481 or email us at [email protected] (don't forget to include your phone number please!).

Mineral DeliveryManufacturing Facility - Quality Control

Mole Valley Feed Solutions have a unique facility for the manufacture of minerals.  The Somerset based plant incorporates a fully automated process control and micro-weighing facility, helping us to maintain the stringent quality controls and ever higher standards demanded by increasing legislation.  This modern mineral plant is well situated to supply farmers across our trading area with quality mineral supplements.  We use only the highest quality raw materials to manufacture a wide range of mineral supplements and mineral premix products. 

All raw materials are FEMAS approved and we undertake a stringent quality control programme with all incoming raw materials and manufactured products.   

Custom Special Minerals 

We have the advantage of being one of the major manufacturers of minerals for ruminants in the UK, Mole Valley Farmers can offer custom manufactured special formulations. These can either be manufactured to a specification that, for example that you are currently using or that your consultant has recommended, alternatively our technical team are happy to formulate minerals to suit your farm, ration, herd performance and circumstances. We can also offer a wide range of additions to minerals including Chelated (protected) trace elements to help prevent interaction to avoid "lock-up" with other antagonists plus the option to add other ingredients such as Biotin, Yeasts, Mycotoxin binders etc.  

Key Benefits 

TMR WagonA major benefit of buying minerals direct from Mole Valley Farmers is that as the manufacturer we can offer a great deal of flexibility in the product that we supply you: 

  • The product can be formulated specifically to suit your farming system, the diet being used and take into account the herd performance and any other circumstances thus giving you the peace of mind of having a bespoke product made to order for your farm and requirements.

  • It can be just a basic mineral supplement or a complete package of minerals and other feed ingredients e.g. rumen buffers, yeasts etc. this will help you to save time on the farm and reduce waste whilst reducing the number of products that you need to add and thus reducing the risk of error or poor dispersion in the ration.  

If you don't see what you require on these pages, please contact us.

Whether you would like us to quote you for a specification that you are already using or you would like us to formulate a special mineral to suit your farm situation, contact us today for a quotation.


Research has shown that minerals, trace elements and vitamins are essential nutrients for the health and performance of ruminant livestock. Whilst clinical symptoms are easily identified (e.g. milk fever, grass staggers and retained placentas), subclinical problems present a greater challenge.

Mole Valley Feed Solutions forage mineral profile analysis results have helped us to identify where these improvements need to be made. We are then able to work with customers to address the situation on their farm. 

The Nutri-LINK range of minerals have been formulated with the needs of the modern ruminant at the forefront of our range and to maintain optimum health and performance. Only the highest quality raw materials have been selected for incorporation into the range.   

Key Features 

  • UFAS accreditation
  • Precision manufacturing facility
  • Modern nutritional specifications for today’s livestock
  • Full traceability from manufacturer to farm
  • Formulated to 100% of specification


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