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Mobile Field Shelters

Blackdown Buildings new mobile field shelter, developed in conjunction with Mole Valley Plus.

Blackdown Buildings is part of the the Brookridge Group based in the Blackdown Hills in Devon. The group’s origins date back to 1981 and with its in house facilities it became completely self sufficient.

In the mid 1980’s the company turned its attention to timber buildings after repeated requests by some of the existing customer base, it became apparent there was a need for a supplier of quality timber buildings and Blackdown Buildings was born.

Initially concentrating on bespoke type buildings for specific customers, Blackdown Buildings was soon able to develop a standard range of agricultural and equestrian buildings. The Blackdown Buildings standard range includes various field shelters and stables, and customers requiring something a bit different can use the expertise of the design team to produce a building to their own personal specification. With recent collaboration between Mole Valley Plus and Blackdown Buildings the company has developed a new Mobile Field Shelter Kit, which is now available to Mole Valley Farmers members.

Being very adaptable, Mobile Field Shelters will meet most customers’ requirements. Interestingly, in most circumstances, mobile field shelters do not require planning permission. The benefits include no planning fees and no waiting time to obtain necessary planning permissions. You can therefore place an order and receive your buildings in a matter of weeks. Additionally mobile field shelters do not require any ground works, so as soon as it is delivered you can choose your spot and once constructed start using it immediately.

Installation helpline - 01823 680546.

The Blackdown Field Shelter Range

The following sizes are available as open fronted, lined and half lined shelters:

3.6m x 3.6m
3.6m x 4.2m 
3.6m x 4.8m
3.6m x 5.4m
3.6m x 6.0m

We also supply an optional tow chain complete with fixings.

Optional gates are available in the following sizes:

3.6m x 3.6m (1 x 2.44m & fixings)
3.6m x 4.2m (1 x 3.05m & fixings)
3.6m x 4.8m (1 x 3.66m & fixings)
3.6m x 5.4m (2 x 2.13m & fixings)
3.6m x 6.0m (2 x 2.44m & fixings)

Optional stable fronts with bottom door are available unlined, half lined or lined:

3.6m x 3.6m
3.6m x 4.2m
3.6m x 4.8m
3.6m x 5.4m

All are supplied as quality flat packed kits for self-assembly.

Specifications for mobile sectional field shelters


75mm x 150mm timber skids with steel strips screwed to leading edges of underside.


50mm x 75mm planed timber, verticals max 600mm spacing, 2.1m eaves height (underside of purlin). Walls manufactured as two sections running total width of building, base 1200mm high, top section 800/1000mm high.


19mm x 150mm Joinery Grade Redwood Shiplap.


Planed timber purlins 47mm x 150mm supporting 18mm Oriented Strand Board (OSB) board onto which the black corrugated bituminous roofing sheets are fitted.

Canopy/Roof Overhang

1100mm overhang to front of building.

Towing Eyes

Steel angled brackets bolted to base and skids, fitted to both ends of building.

Standard Front

600mm wide sections to each side of front aperture, 75mm x75mm door posts rising from skid and supported at purlin.

Internal Lining (Optional)

Supplied as optional extra, lined to eaves height or 1.22m high (1/2 lined) using 18mm Oriented Strand Board (OSB) board screwed to framework.

Stable Front (Optional)

1200mm wide door (1400mm high from ground), plywood lined with 19x100mm Tongue & Grooved timber to face. Metal chew strip to top of door. Hung with Heavy Duty “T” hinges off 75mm x 75mm Posts supported at skid and purlin. Multiples of 600mm and 1200mm wide panels used to each side of door to fill front section.

Towing Chain (Optional)

7.5m of heavy duty galvanised chain (6.5mm x 36mm link size) with three 12mm D shanks.

Gates (Optional)

Timber gates complete with fixings which include the hinges & gate catch on single gates and loop over latches on pairs.


Components are “flat packed” and normally delivered within 3 weeks of order-ing. Delivery driver will require help to offload, either mechanical or manual, the latter being min. 2 persons.

Timber Treatment

All timber is pressure treated with Osmose Naturewood products.

Mobile Field shelters are susceptible to adverse weather conditions. Where possible position away from prevailing wind and/or secure it to the ground.


Installation helpline - 01823 680546.


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