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Bale Wrap


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NoTyreTex is a silage cover that is widely used on the continent and increasingly by UK farmers as its many advantages become apparent.  In the future, correctly disposing of 1000 tyres could cost over £2000.  Manufactured as a 300g black polythene woven sheet, it is exceptionally tough and works in exactly the same way as tyres, protecting the silage from flapping sheets, bird and vermin damage.

Available in three standard sheet sizes with gravel bags to weigh it down.  Both products are delivered direct to farm from the manufacturer.

A system to:

  • make covering silos quick, clean and easy with huge labour savings

  • protect silage, wholecrop and feeds from damage by birds and animals

  • ensure better preservation and reduce surface water

  • eliminates tyres and use fewer plastic sheets

  • protect feeds from contamination and reduce diseases

  • stop the herd mortality from wired cows and youngstock

  • reduce waste disposal charges which will be enforced in the future

  • help achieve compliance with the Agricultural Waste Management Act

NoTyreTex is reusable, with care, for over 15 years. 

How many covers and bags will you need?

For 14m wide x 36m long clamp:
3 silage covers required, measuring 12.2m x 15m
100 bags around the edges and 84 bags in six rows across = 184 bags required (replaces 1500 tyres).

For 12.2m wide x 25.9m long clamp:
4 silage covers required, measuring 7.2m x 13m
76 bags around the edges and 49 bags in four rows across = 125 bags required (replaces 950 tyres).

For 10.4m wide x 23.1m long clamp:
2 silage covers required, measuring 10.8m x 14m
66 bags around the edges and 42 bags in four rows across = 108 bags required (replaces 750 tyres).

What to do:

  • fill the bags, which have easy to handle top and bottom loops, with about 13kg of clean gravel.  Do not fill the bags completely as they need to lie flat.

  • tie the bags with the built in cord.  For extra secure sealing use a cable tie.

  • place the NoTyreTex cover over the silage sheet and put the filled gravel bags, end to end, around the edges to keep it taught.  Then place bags end to end in rows across the clamp every 4-5 metres.

  • when feeding out, roll back the cover and keep the front edge weighted with bags

  • at the end of the season, clean off, fold or roll up the NoTyreTex and store safely.

NoTyreTex Options from Mole Valley Farmers:














Gravel bags (approx 1m in length) are supplied in packs of 10.

When ordering, allow an extra 50cm for each overlap and for each edge.  When measuring the width, if the finished clamp has a large dome, allow an extra 10%.

Standard size sheets and gravel bags are kept in stock, delivered direct to farm.  Alternatively, any size can be made to measure - please allow four weeks.

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