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Organic Minerals

Nutri-LINK Rumigan Minerals for Organic Farming Systems

Soil Association

I farm organically so I can’t use minerals - can I?

Yes you can! The Soil Association and Organic Farmers and Growers have guidelines for feeding mineral supplements. The most important thing is that there must be a requirement (or need) on health and welfare grounds for providing your animals with additional mineral supplements. Mole Valley Feed Solutions have a new organic mineral range, which has already been approved by the Soil Association, so derogation is not required.  We have done all of the background work with national mineral forage analysis results and dairy cow requirements to gain recognition by the Soil Association of a need to provide mineral supplementation.

Organic MineralsMole Valley Feed Solutions can manufacture minerals for you to suit your farm, ration and organic status.  These will be manufactured where possible with ingredients permitted by the organic certification bodies or if you require, other ingredients or additions can be made from the restricted use ingredients list if you can acquire the necessary derogation from your organic certification body.  Supporting evidence such as forage mineral analysis, blood tests and written support from your veterinary surgeon in relation to animal welfare issues are likely to be required by your Organic certification body before derogation is granted to use minerals containing ingredients on the restricted list.

The correct balance of minerals and trace elements in the diet is essential to support optimum health and well being.  Analysis of forages, whether conventional or organic, has shown there to be deficiencies in many key elements which can lead to health and welfare issues.

Where a deficiency exists, Nutri-LINK Rumigan Minerals provide a Soil Association approved solution to the problem which can be used in organic systems without prior approval or derogation from the certification body.  In order to comply with current organic regulations, customers using Rumigan Minerals should include details of the product used and justification for their use in their health plan.  The health plans may be inspected at audit.   

Our Rumigan minerals are approved by the Soil Association for use in organic systems, without the requirement for derogation.  All minerals in the Nutri-LINK Rumigan range have been formulated to address potential shortfalls of major and micro mineral nutrients. They also contain Seaweed Meal, which is natural and provides health and vitality from the sea.


All products supplied in 25kg Nutri-LINK Rumigan bags.

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For more information, please contact the Mineral Line on
01278 420481
or email [email protected].



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