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Other Organic Products


Farmers should assess the mineral status of their farm and include it in their livestock management plan to justify the mineral supplementation they intend to use. They are then permitted to use;

  • Mineral licks

  • Mineral injections and boluses

  • Non chelated in-feed minerals

  • Containing only raw materials listed in the standards

Mole Valley Feed Solutions can formulate and produce minerals to meet these requirements.


Where ever possible organic seed should be used but for seed mixes a derogation allows a percentage of non-organic seed.

Mole Valley Feed Solutions has a range of seeds and mixtures which comply with current standards.


Where ever possible soil fertility should be maintained and improved using home produced manure and crops such as legumes. Where soil analysis shows a serious deficit MV Forage Services has a range of permitted straights and allowable mixes that, with permission from the certification body, can be used to supplement P, K and trace elements.

Permitted straights include:

  • Limestone and ground chalk

  • Ground Rock Phosphate

  • Keiserite

  • Sylvinite

  • Sulphate of Potash (severe deficiency only)

  • Dried Seaweed Meal

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