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Pro Driver

New Formulation

Winter Holding Mixture

Why choose this product?

If partridges are your passion then Pro Driver’s crop structure is ideally suited for this important bird.

  • Thinner canopy for easier bird access and controlled drives

  • Will show birds on the most inclement of days

  • Gold of Pleasure can help suppress many weed species

  • Fully tried and tested

  • Huge seed shed potential

Crop Height 90-100cm

Sowing & Growing

Seed Rate

6.5 kilos per acre.  Pack size supplied 6.5 kilos




Drilling preferred but seed can be broadcast.


0.5 inches





Type preferred

Suitable for a wide range of soil types.

Seed bed

Stale seedbed is advised, as weed control is difficult.



80kg N /40kg P / 96kg K per hectare.



Weed control

Herbicide Programme available (see Herbicide Guidelines).


Pro Driver contains Camelina Sativa (Gold of Pleasure), which has shown in trials to suppress many weed species.


Pro Driver contains:

  • Kale

  • Linseed

  • Gold of Pleasure

  • Sandoval Quinoa

6.5 kilo one acre units

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