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Quinoa Products

Winter Holding Single Crop Sowing

NEW Kingmix


Why choose this product?


The best cover & feed option using Kale & Quinoa. Proven & reliable.


  • Combining the winter hardiness of kale with the feed value of quinoa

  • Excellent mixture to hold birds

  • Sandoval Quinoa ensures a good mixture of early, medium and later maturing seed heads

  • Now includes purple coloured Coleor kale

  • Kale can be supplied flea beetle treated

  • Sold in 2.5 kilo units


Sandoval Quinoa


Why choose this product?


Reduce your feeding costs by growing blocks of this high protein seed.


  • Capable of shedding up to 1 tonne of seed per acre

  • Sheds high protein seed which will help reduce feed bills

  • Seeds are highly sort by pheasants, partridges and farmland birds

  • Ideal for use with companion crops such as Keeper kale or Interval Rape/Kale hybrid

  • Sold in 2 kilo units


Crop Height 80-150cm  

Kingmix 2000


Why choose this product?


Choose this option if you are growing kale based mixtures regularly. Contains club root resistant Caledonian Kale.


  • For growers with club root problems (Brassica sickness)

  • Includes Caledonian (club root resistant) kale and Sandoval Quinoa

  • A taller kale allows for easier bird access

  • Kale can be supplied flea beetle treated


Crop Height 100-120cm 


Kingmix Sowing and Growing

Seed Rate

2.5 kilos per acre
Pack size supplied 2.5 kilo one acre units




Drill preferred


1 inch

Row Width

18-20 inches


April - May.



Type preferred

Suitable for a wide range of soil types. (Min. pH 6). 

Seed bed

Use stale seedbed where possible.



100kg N /50kg P / 120kg K per hectare into seedbed.



Weed control

Herbicide usage not recommended. 


Kingmix can be sown in adjacent blocks to make weed control easier.


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