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SCA Challenger 35% Skim


A high quality, 35% skim calf milk replacer.


  • Oil (%) 18

  • Protein (%) 22

  • Copper (mg/kg) 10

  • Selenium (mg/kg) 0.2

  • Vit A (iu/kg) 25,000

  • Vit D (iu/kg) 6,000

  • Vit E (iu/kg) 250

Needs, Features and Benefits




Spray dried powder

Fat and protein mixed in liquid phase and co-dried

Consistent powder, no separation

Spray dried powder

Fat is fully homogenised

Small fat globule size = highly digestible

Fat and protein mixed in
Wet phase and fat fully homogenised

No fat separation, excellent fat stability after mixing

Improved calf performance

Instant powder

“Floury” structure

Not dusty, not lumpy, does not blow away

Concentrated milk protein

Whey sourced from UK cheese factories

Full traceability, supporting the UK dairy sector



Suitable for use in once or twice daily restricted feeding systems, ad-lib and computerised automatic feeders that do not require a free-flow powder and cold ad-lib feeding. Sufficient colostrum must be fed in the first three days and fresh clean water must be available at all times. For more detailed guidelines refer to local specialist.


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