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Arable Seed, Grass Seed and Cover Crops

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Arable Seeds, Grass Seeds, Game Cover Crops and More! 

We pride ourselves on giving farmers professional advice on selecting the right seeds, along with agronomy and fertiliser recommendations. 

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Premier Ley Advice & Guidance

Ten Benefits of Reseeding

  • First year yields will be 25% more than the same ley after 5 years in average conditions (in dry season or dry sites this can be as much as 50%)
  • Increase grass digestibility / palatability
  • Clean worm free grazing
  • Weed grasses are less responsive to Nitrogen
  • Better disease resistance in new varieties
  • Better winter hardiness
  • Better ground cover and persistence
  • Better feed value and animal performance at grazing
  • Ability to increase clover contents, for increased feed value and nitrogen fixation
  • Improved silage quality for winter feeding

Establishing a New Ley

Ploughing and working down prior to reseeding is the conventional approach with advantages where ground is rutted,badly poached or uneven.Through more expensive than other methods it usually gives the best result. Weed seed are usually disturbed and a herbicide is normally neededat the establishement stage.

Undersowing usually spring barley or an arable silage mix. The seed rate of the arable crop is normally reduced slightly to give enough height and nutrients for the undersown grass to survive until the crop is harvested for grain or wholecrop. This system helps to reduce reseeding costs and produce extra feed while the grass is establishing.

Overseeding or Slot Seeding with specialist machines when the existing grass is tightly grazed or mown down.

Direct drilling grass after using Glyphosate (Round Up/Clinic Ace)

Cautionary Note 

a.Following a 1-2 year old ley.It is essential to remove, or graze surface trash throughly from 5 days after spraying. Grass and clover can be drilled once all trash is cleared.

b.Following a long ley/permanent pasture with a surface matof old grass and dense root structures.Spray the ley in the Autumn. Delay direct drilling until the following spring (6 month gap required) and give the mat time to decompose. Removal of the surface to the depth of the decaying roots will help aerate the soil and speed breakdown of organic matter. If direct drilled earlier with grass, toxins given off by decaying roots can cause establishment failure.

Ten Point Plan for Establishing a New Ley

  • Soil test – correct pH and nutrient deficiencies.  Phosphate is particularly important for establishment
  • Burn off old sward with Roundup (Glyphosate)/ Clinc Ace (Glyphosate).
  • Timeless: either early spring once the soil is warm and has sufficient moisture, or in the autumn up until October (weather permitting). Mixtures with clover should be sown by the end of August.
  • Cultivate to create a fine, firm seedbed to avoid sowing too deep (no deeper than 15mm) and give a good soil to seed contact to aid faster devlopment.
  • Ideally sow into warm, moist soil.
  • Harrow seed lightly and follow up with a Cambridge roll to consolidate the seedbed.
  • Monitor Frit Fly, Leatherjacket and Wireworm attach. Treat at first signs of damage.
  • Slug pullets are advisable in wet seasons.
  • Control broad leaved weeds e.g. chickweed, before it takesover the reseed bylight sheep grazing or suitable weedkillers.
  • Early Management of establishing sward is key to encourage rapid ground cover. Grazing is preferable to cutting in the first instance.

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