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Efficient Sheep Handling for Effective Farm Management

Don’t just work hard, work smart. This saying – employed widely across many business sectors – is of primary relevance to sheep farmers looking to improve the bottom line of their business. Farmers know, however, that this is easier said than done
Many sheep farmers juggle several groups spread over large areas, often on split sites and usually away from the yard – smart work is indeed hard work. But in this situation mobile sheep handling systems provide a useful solution for sheep farmers looking to maximise the efficiency of their business.

Flexible systems such as Alligator are helping sheep farmers to optimise the management of stock and value of labour. Stock can be handled easily and quickly with minimal disruption by a stockman working alone.  It is no-longer necessary to take the sheep to the yard to use fixed pens.  

Instead, stockmen can take the yard to the sheep, reducing the time and cost of carrying out routine tasks. Alligator, like other mobile sheep handling systems, makes it not just possible but practical to carry out a raft of management tasks – dosing, drenching, foot trimming, dagging, footbathing, shearing, tagging or weighing – in the field. Alligator makes routine tasks quicker to complete and minimises livestock movements; avoiding any potential negative impacts on productivity. Furthermore, it turns these tasks into a one-man job.

Recognising the diversity of British sheep farming, no two Alligators are the same. Each system is bespoke – made up from a wide range of parts and components to ensure that each set-up can be tailored to individual needs and because it’s modular, it can be adapted from day-to-day for the task in hand. The whole system incorporates an integral trailer which can be towed by car, 4x4 or quad bike. Its super-strong lightweight construction is designed to be erected, used and packed away by one person, without assistance. The hurdles and gates are constructed from high quality aluminium alloy which are tough and incredibly light.

Mobile sheep and cattle handling systems make handling stock more practical and less of a chore – meaning it can be done more often to improve stock management and productivity.  When used together with compatible weighing equipment, such as Iconix, Alligator provides a simple and efficient way of monitoring and managing the weight of stock.

This concise monitoring of weight can have a further impact on the efficiency – and ultimate profitability – of the farm. Keeping an accurate record of stock weight can allow farmers to better understand and manage growth rate, identify underper-forming animals, and most importantly finish stock at the optimum time.

Iconix, in conjunction with Cox, have developed a weigh platform which fits into the Alligator race allowing the farmer to mobilise the task of weighing stock. When it comes to drawing lambs for market, Alligator and Iconix, together, are invaluable.

Mole Valley Farmers has access to the full range of Alligator sheep handling equipment in store and Iconix weighing equipment from Mole Valley Plus. Testimonials from satisfied customers are available on request.  Should you want to find out what other sheep handling equipment is available through Mole Valley Plus please give the team a call on 01769 576201.

More information on Aligator or Iconix products is available from the CoxAgri website.

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