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For more information about silage additives please contact Graham Ragg, Arable and Fertiliser Sales Manager, on
01840 213620, 07798 583667 or our Seedline on 01769 576232 or email
[email protected].

Silage Additives

Maximise the quality of your silage by using a proven silage additive.

The benefits, trials have shown:

  • 1.3 litres per cow per day extra milk through 200 days lactation over untreated silage.

  • Improvement in daily live weight gain of 20% extra over untreated silage on beef cattle.

Here at Mole Valley Farmers, we sell two ranges - the MOLE Range of Silage Additives and the Ecosyl Range.

The MOLE Range of Silage Additives

With the increase in cost of all purchased feeds, the emphasis must be to produce as much “homegrown” feed on the farm as possible.  Home produced feed offers the farmer cost savings, but only if it is preserved effectively with the minimum of nutrient losses in the harvesting, storage and feeding-out process. To maximise feed values and minimise losses associated with the fermentation process of silages, Mole Valley Feed Solutions has developed its own “Mole” range of silage additives to help most crop types and dry matters.

The MOLE range is suitable for use in organic farming systems (subject to certification body approval).

Advantages of the MOLE range:

  • Manufactured in the UK

  • Proved to be effective over many years on farm

  • Easy to handle

  • No “brew up” required

  • Non-corrosive to machinery

  • The MOLE range is organic approved

  • Early order discounts available

  • Delivery direct to farm

  • Proven in UK trials with higher animal performance

  • Reduces fermentation losses

  • Suitable for use in organic farming systems (subject to certification body approval)

The table below will help you select the right product for your crop or business solution. We can offer advice and help you with your choice, please speak to your Mole Valley Feed Solutions contact, or call 01769 576232, the additive helpline.  


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