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Sorghum Seed

Winter Holding Single Crop Sowing

Dwarf Sorghum Shorty 


Why choose this product?


Low crop canopy, warmth and security makes Shorty the ultimate driving crop.


  • Ideal for driving & winter cover

  • Can make excellent flushing points within maize

  • Excellent replacement for kale

  • Add warmth to maize crops when sown adjacent

  • Weed control possible

  • Not suitable for Northern England or Scotland


Crop Height 90-100cm

Giant Sorghum Jumbo


Why choose this product?


Jumbo can be sown later than other Sorghums just watch it grow! Fast growing providing tall cover early in the season.


  • Tall dense cover ideally used for a windbreak around maize

  • Good vigour and fast growth

  • Can reach a height of 5-6ft

  • Later drilled crops will have reduced height potential

  • Crops can screen guns allowing them to get in position without disturbing the birds


Crop Height 200-220cm 

Intermediate Sorghum Chopper


Why choose this product?


If rats and badgers are a problem Chopper can provide the right height without the food source produced by Maize.


  • Ideal replacement for Maize

  • Makes excellent controlled driving cover

  • Fully tried & tested

  • Herbicide use possible

  • Best sown in June

  • 10 kilo one acre units


Crop Height 120-150cm 


Sowing & Growing

Seed Rate

12 kilos per acre.  Pack size supplied 12 kilos.




Drill only


 1.5 - 2 inches

Row Width

30 inches (same as maize)


End May - June (when soil maintains 15°C for three consecutive days).



Type preferred

Light well drained soil. 

Seed bed

Firm and fine, aim to retain moisture.



185kg N / 90kg P / 220kg K per hectare.



Weed control

Herbicide Programme available (see Herbicide Guidelines). 


Guard against birds immediately after drilling until crop is well established.


Don’t sow Sorghums too early. End May and into June will ensure faster establishment.


Store Locator For website enquiries and online orders phone 01769 576419 (8.30am - 5.30pm 5 days a week)