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SpanialCatch Crop

Why choose this product?

Has your crop failed or established poorly? This fast growing recovery mixture can save the day!

  • Summer sown drought tolerant cover mixture

  • Can be broadcast into cereal stubble

  • Can be used for patching areas where drought or flea beetle damage has occurred

  • Fodder radish retains its seeds late into the season

  • More winter hardy than straight Mustard

Crop Height 80-100cm

Sowing & Growing

Seed Rate

4.5 kilos per acre.  Pack size supplied 4.5 kilo one acre units




Drill or broadcast


0.5 inches

Row width

15-18 inches


June - August



Type preferred

Suitable for a wide range of soil types.

Seed bed

Fine and firm for new seedbed or broadcast in to Cambridge rolled area and then chain harrow.



55kg N / 28kg P / 28kg K per hectare into seedbed if possible.



Weed control

Spaniel is a very fast growing cover crop and once established should smother problem weeds.


Spaniel contains:

  • Brassica Carinata (Texsel Greens)

  • Forage Rape

  • Mustard

  • Fodder Radish

4.5 kilo one acre unit

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