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Shield Fencing  

For more information about timber and fencing, please contact your local store
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Timber and Fencing

  • Assured performance
  • SIDEWINDER incising
  • 15 year Shield Fencing Warranty
  • Making the most of your Shield Fencing
  • Warranty details
  • Register for your warranty


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    Strainer Post

    Timber still offers our most versatile, sustainable and natural material for agricultural fencing projects. Properly preservative treated, the service life of fencing timbers can be significantly extended to provide high performance products that you can really trust.

    Mole Valley Farmers working with Clifford Jones Timber Group offer the new Shield Fencing range of pressure treated timbers that will provide complete assurance to build your fencing projects with a 15 year performance warranty, including consequential losses*.

    Assured performance fence system to build your next project around.

    SIDEWINDER Incising
    To produce this new premium product range Clifford Jones Timber Group has invested in the very latest SIDEWINDER incising technology. This innovative development produces a regular and aesthetically pleasing surface incision, even across surface knot areas, which allows a deeper and more consistent penetration of the wood preservative, particularly into ground contact timbers.

    The timbers are then pressure treated with next generation TANALITH E wood preservative. This latest wood preservative from Lonza now incorporates patent pending BARamine technologies which provide a more robust protection against certain copper tolerant brown rots as well as allowing a more even and consistent distribution of the wood preservative into the next generation TANALISED timbers.

    All the ground contact timbers in the range; stakes, strainers and posts are fully incised along their length. Out of the ground contact rails are not incised but are still preservative treated.

    Use Classes
    BS8417: Preservation of Wood Code of Practice gives guidelines for the preservative treatment of timber. Within the standard the level of preservative treatment given to timber can be varied according to its eventual end use. These Use Classes define the typical end use of the timber and the appropriate level of preservative protection required. The main Use Classes range from 1 to 4. External timbers, which are permanently exposed to the weather and could be either used in or out of ground contact, require a higher degree of protection and are designated in Use Class 3 Uncoated (external, out of ground contact) and Use Class 4 (external, in ground contact).

    All the ground contact timbers in the Shield fencing range - strainers, stakes and posts - are fully incised along their length and meet the requirements of Use Class 4. Out of ground contact rails are not incised but are still preservative treated and meet the requirements of Use Class 3 Uncoated.

    What does the 15 year warranty cover?

    The Shield Fencing Range components are manufactured and preservative treated to meet a performance warranty of 15 years when used in ground contact (strainers, stakes and posts) and out of ground contact (rails). Should the timbers fail due to wood decay or insect attack within 15 years of installation Clifford Jones Timber Group will cover the costs for the removal of failed timbers and any replacement and re-installation, including labour costs but not any associated product costs – wire, gates, staples, stock netting.


    The warranty covers full replacement of the Shield timber materials within the 15 year period. For example if a 5’6” Shield stake fails after 14 years and 11 months, you will receive a new 5’6” Shield stake free of charge.


    The consequential cover is reduced throughout the 15 year period as follows:


    Year Compensation
    >1 100%
    1 93.33%
    2 86.67%
    3 80.00%
    4 73.33%
    5 66.67%
    6 60.00%
    7 53.33%
    8 46.67%
    9 40.00%
    10 33.33%
    11 26.67%
    12 20.00%
    13 13.33%
    14 6.67%
    15 0.00%


    Making the most of your Shield Fencing

    Just like any other product Shield Fencing needs to be used correctly to achieve their best performance and to meet the product warranty requirements.

    The following are essential installation guidelines and best practice tips:

    Warranty details continued:

    If a failure is reported, an initial investigation will be made through Clifford Jones Timber Group to make sure that the original timbers were used and installed correctly with particular reference to the ESSENTIAL guidelines in their use and installation.

    Within the warranty the following elements are detailed:

    15 Year performance warranty - registration process

    Following purchase of Shield Fencing range timbers, customers must register their purchase within 6 months to be eligible for the warranty cover*.
    Registration can be made as follows:

    1. Visit Go to ‘downloads’ at foot of webpage.
    2. Download the Shield Fencing Range document and fill in all the fields remembering to use your Mole Valley invoice number as the ‘unique code’.
    3. Send the completed registration document to:
    Clifford Jones Timber
    Brickfield Lane
    LL15 2TN

    4. Clifford Jones Timber will return a confirmation of the registration together with a generic Shield Fencing Range warranty document containing full terms and conditions of the warranty.
    5. If you do not have internet access,please ask for a hard copy registration form from your local store staff at the time of purchase.

    Delivery available on request. 

    Sawn Timber

    We also supply:

    • High performance machined round timber fencing system of strainers, stakes, posts and rails manufactured by Clifford Jones Timber Group from quality home grown and FSC certified mixed softwoods.
    • Ground contact strainers, stakes and posts are fully surface incised by Clifford Jones Timber Group prior to treatment to allow deeper and more consistent wood preservative penetration.
    • Next generation TANALITH E preservative pressure treated by Clifford Jones Timber Group.
    • 15 year performance warranty against decay and insect attack, including cover for consequential losses*.
    • Full range of sizes available; from 60mm up to 200mm diameter in varios lengths.
    • Should Shield Fencing be cross cut, notched or bored during installation, then it is essential that the exposed surfaces are liberally brushed with ENSELE end grain wood preservative to the directions shown on the product label to protect the integrity of the treatment. ENSELE is available directly from your local Mole Valley Famers store.Fencing
    • It is essential that Shield Fencing is not pointed after treatment. 
    • The shortening of Shield Fencing should be avoided, whenever possible. If unavoidable, it is essential the cut end is treated with ENSELE end grain wood preservative and must never be used in ground contact.
    • It is essential that Shield Fencing is not planed or ripsawn.
    • It is essential that Shield Fencing is not removed from the original installation and reused at a new location.
    • Claims must be brought within two weeks of the expiry of the 15 year period, at the latest.
    • The term fungal decay as used in the warranty refers to wood destroying fungi that feed on and degenerate the wood cell walls. It excludes staining and mould fungi associated with the weathering of wood.
    • The term insect attack refers to attack by wood digesting insects that destroy the timber structure.
    • The term failed refers to damage caused by insects and/or fungi to such an extent that the component is no longer fit for purpose.
    • Our website lists some of our more popular ranges; should you require any bespoke or alternative size please contact us with your enquiry.

      We also supply telegraph poles and sleepers, please contact your local branch for more details.
    • Rails
    • Sawn Timber
    • Sleepers
    • Stakes
    • Posts
    • Gate Posts
    • Yorkshire Boarding and Cladding
    • Featheredge Fence
    • Dungwalling / Stockboard
    • Graded C16/24 Timbers
    • Treated Ply and OSB Boards
    • Timber Decking
    • Popular Timber Sizes
    • Wooden Gates
    • Fencing Stakes, Posts and Stock Wire
    • Fence Panels
    • Fencing Equipment
    • Electric fenciing
    • Fencing Wire
    • Gate Furniture
    • Gates & Galvanised Posts

PLEASE NOTE:  All of our timber products are treated.

  • Forest Stewardship Council®

    Mole Valley Farmers is proud to work within guidelines set by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) - the mark of responsible forestry.

    Applicable products are identified by the abbreviation 'FSC' in the product description.


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