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Trace elements for upland grazing

Analysis from forage is often carried out on lowland farms but less frequently on SWARDs from upland and moorland situations. So, the question has to be asked – how does upland grazing compare on a trace element level against lowland soils?

Strathclyde Nutrition have collated a number of forage analysis results from upland samples from across the country (including samples from Devon, Cornwall and the Brecon Beacons) to help identify how these upland grazing sites differ from their lowland counterparts.

The chart below showing a comparison of lowland with upland mineral analysis demonstrates the deficiencies of upland forages (shown by the coloured bars) against lowland forages (shown by the red dotted line). This highlights the potential shortfalls of upland forages. It is important to take into account the requirement of each element by the animal to identify any areas of deficiency.

Upland as a Percentage of Lowland Analysis

The chart showing mineral supply as compared to the requirement of a 70kg ewe carrying a single lamb in mid pregnancy, highlights areas of shortfall in supply versus demand.  Grass is a poor source of many important trace elements. However, when upland grazing is compared to the ewes requirement, it becomes clear that zinc, cobalt, iodine and selenium are all particularly affected in upland situations. Supplementing any trace element deficiency then becomes essential, particularly as many of the elements identified as being deficient are some of the most important for pre-partution animals as well as their new born offspring.

Mineral Supply vs 70kg Ewes Requirement

Mole Valley Farmers offer a range of powdered minerals, buckets and blocks that have been specifically designed to balance an animals requirements at grass. Mineral buckets such as Feet and Fertility Plus, Garlic Plus and Cattle Fertility Plus offer a convenient method of ensuring livestock receive a high specification mineral supplement that contains protected trace elements and Sel-Plex. This helps to ensure that grazing livestock receive adequate mineral supplementation in an effective and easy to use form.

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