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West of England Stabling

Like many other good innovations West of England Stabling started by accident.  The Wiegersma family had been professionally involved with horses for many years when they built themselves some extra stables from galvanized steel and reclaimed hardwood at their yard in Cornwall. Over time the new stables proved themselves completely up to the task by surviving a busy professional yard without showing any signs of wear and tear, and friends began to ask Hendrik Wiegersma to build them some.  Although it was never their intention to turn it into a business, they were producers of horse feed as well as running an eventing yard,  the orders just grew by word of mouth and personal recommendation until they reached a point where establishing a separate business became inevitable.  That was over ten years ago. In 2001 they moved to their current base just outside Hatherleigh in Devon; they no longer produce horse feed and the eventing yard has passed to their daughter, international event rider, Lucy.

Since they decided to concentrate on the stable business it has gone from strength to strength and they have stream-lined the production process so that they can usually produce orders in three to four weeks from plan to erection.  They have also refined the designs, adding a range of extras to suit most individual requests, and rigorously test their own products at home. With around 50 – 60 horses in residence at any time, the stables are in constant use, housing all types and age of horse with equally varied behaviour.  However, none of them has managed to inflict any lasting damage to the 40mm reclaimed hardwood, or to the steel frames.  Equally the fittings have been developed to avoid any accidental damage being inflicted on their residents or their grooms.  If required the reclaimed wood can be planed (at an extra cost) and the external blocks are clad on the outside with new treated softwood over the reclaimed hardwood structure.  Customers can also choose whether they require galvanized or plain metal, which requires painting but is less expensive.

More recently the range of stables has expanded to include temporary stabling blocks, hugely popular with polo players who rent them by the season.  The temporary stabling is also ideal for customers who are moving house and need to house their horses prior to planning permission being granted, or for yards undergoing rapid expansion.  Son Jake’s metalwork and engineering skills led to the addition of lunge rings and horse walkers, and their field shelters have developed to include luxury models, which can have doors, partitions, windows and separate feed rooms attached.  Field shelters, unlike the stables, are delivered fully assembled and can be anything from 12’ to 24’ long, however the width is restricted to 10’ to enable them to be carried by lorry directly to site without a police escort!  They can be relocated by tractor or decent sized 4 x 4.

All WOES products are made to order and can be adapted to individual needs and budget.  For instance, you can buy just the mechanical workings and arms of the horse walker and build your own surround.

Throughout all the expansion and development the mission of West of England Stabling has remained constant: To provide durable and cost effective stabling designed to suit each individual’s requirements, coupled with a friendly, informed and prompt service.

Mole Valley Farmer’s customers can now benefit from a special discount off West of England Stabling.  Contact Mole Valley Plus on 01769 576201 for more information.

Alternatively you can visit their website on, which has lots of photographs plus a basic price.



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