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or Graham Ragg on 07798 583667
or email

Wholecrops and Mixes

Wholecrop has become established as an important alternative source of forage to livestock farmers. Wheat, triticale and barley can be grown, offering good energy levels and high dry matter content. Wholecrop cereals may be grown with or without peas and lupins or can be used as a cover crop to establish undersown grass leys and red clover mixes.

Wholecrop cereals are conserved in two basic forms

  • Fermented
  • Urea treated wholecrop

The benefits of wholecrop

  • Can be big baled or clamped
  • Grown and harvested with existing equipment on the farm
  • Is relatively early to be harvested
  • Allows increased production from home grown forage
  • Produces a high starch feed
  • Improves dry matter and fibre levels in the diet
  • Can improve milk protein levels
  • Useful means of establishing a ley


We have the following varieties of spring cereals and mixes subject to availability:


Dandy | Doyen | Waggon | Westminster


Paragon | Tybalt


Atego | Banquo | Firth


Dublet | Logo

Forage mixes

Pea/Barley (75kg-80kg acre) | Pea/Oat (75kg acre)
Spring Triticale/White Lupin (75kg acre)
Spring Triticale/Yellow Lupin (60kg acre)
Spring Triticale/Vetches and other mixes available on request

Our top maize varieties

Early varieties

  • Kaspian 13
  • Acclaim10
  • Kougar 10
  • Chalice 9
  • Podium 8
  • Toccata 8
  • Agreemnt 7
  • Kroesus 7

Medium varieties

  • Aurelia 6
  • Paddy 6
  • Ultrastar 6/7

Grain maize

  • Frenetic 5
  • Falcone 5
  • Podium 8
  • Lorado 6
  • Baltis 5

Call your Farm Sales Co-ordinator to order your maize, cereal and forage mixes, or ring the SeedLine on 01769 576232.

Store Locator For website enquiries and online orders phone 01769 576419 (8.30am - 5.30pm 5 days a week)