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Solid Fuels and Wood

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The following products are available only from your local store.  They might not be available from all stores, so please call to check availability before travelling.

Premium range of pre-packed solid fuels

DJ LogoEveryone warms to the cosy glow and flickering flames that only a real fire can offer and while you're enjoying the experience, you can consider all the other advantages that solid fuel heating brings. (

  • Low running costs - Solid fuel is an efficient and economical method of heating your home 24 hours a day.
  • The healthy option - Solid fuel heating can greatly reduce condensation, eliminating household mould often associated with 'on/off' fires. Medical research has also shown that solid fuel heating can reduce the risk of hayfever, asthma and eczema. Homes with solid fuel heating are better ventilated than those with other forms of heating; the very use of a chimney will induce ventilation into a home drawing in fresh air and removing the 'polluted' air.
  • Wide range of fuels - From coal to smokeless, there’s a solid fuel to suit your appliance in all parts of the country.
  • Convenient and easy to use - Modern pre-set controls keep your home at the desired temperature throughout the day.
  • Guaranteed heat - With solid fuel heating you can hold stock, ensuring that your home will be warm even in the most adverse weather conditions.  Whatever the weather, you don't need to worry about supply failures or power cuts. You can even boil a kettle on a flat-top stove.


Molacite coalMolacite is a multi purpose, dense hard briquette made from best Welsh Anthracite and is the ideal fuel for room heaters, cookers and non gravity feed boilers. The product offers value for money (when compared with other manufactured anthracite briquettes and natural anthracites). Approved for use in Smoke Control Areas.

  • Highly recommended boiler fuel
  • Value for money and heating effectiveness - Higher heat from lower quantities of product burned (when compared to other manufactured anthracites and natural anthracites).
  • Clean burning - Manufactured only from top quality, selected Welsh anthracites, Molacite is approved smokeless and is clean burning, producing minimal appliance glass discoloration and low ash volume.
  • Consistent quality and presentation, minimal dust
  • Easy to light and control, odour and clinker free

Firelite Briketts

Fire light brickettsThe Firelite Briketts range of briketts are ideal for woodburning and multifuel stoves, open fires and patio heaters and offer consistent quality, convenience and value whilst minimising environmental impact.

  • Consistent quality & presentation - Firelite Briketts are consistent in quality, burning with a bright lively flame, without spitting or sparking.
  • Convenience & value - Large sized Firelite Briketts have increased burn time and reduced need for refuelling. They are very easy to light and it is easy to revive fire from dying embers. Low ash AND minimal unburned fuel.
  • Environmentally friendly - Made from pressed lignite coal without binders or additives, Firelite Briketts are VERY LOW IN SULPHUR and low in smoke contributing to a clean and healthy environment.


Kiln Dried Wood

Certainly Wood logoCertainly Wood is the country’s leading supplier of carbon neutral wood fuels.  All of the wood is harvested from well managed local woodland as part of the natural thinning process which improves the overall woodland habitat.  The new kiln burner runs on waste wood, so is very environmentally friendly.

Premier Kiln Dried Logs

This premier product consists of a mix of hardwood logs which are selected for their ability to burn well with high heat energy and for longer than softwood.  Consisting mainly of oak, ash, beech and birch, wood is harvested, processed into cages and stored in barns for several months before being ‘finished’ off in the kiln facility to ensure the wood is consistently dry - approx 20-25% moisture content. This wood is recommended by most of the major stove manufacturers and is suitable for all woodburning appliances and is packed in a clean, convenient recyclable polythene bag.

Premier Kiln Dried Kindling

Chopped logsAll of our kindling wood is produced from Poplar - the wood of the match industry. Selected as part of the thinning process trees are harvested, cut into boards, air dried, then ‘finished off’ in the kiln. This drying process ensures the kindling is tinder dry making fire lighting very easy. For your convenience the kindling is packed in a box with a carry handle and is small and compact to have next to your fire.

Kiln Dried Wood:

  • Provides a clean burn with high heat output
  • The more efficiently a fire burns the less fuel is required and less CO2 emissions
  • Is more economical - drier wood burns slower with more heat
  • Prevents blackening of the stove glass and sooting of the chimney and flue


To find out more about kiln dried wood being delivered direct to your home, see our store locator pages.

Also look out for the new “flamers” natural fire lighters.

Locally Sourced

Exmoor Wood Fuel logoTimber is sourced from woodlands in and around Exmoor National Park.  Providing a viable market often means previously neglected woodland can be brought back into management with resulting benefits to wildlife habitat, the landscape and the local economy.

Sustainable Forestry

Raw material is sourced from woodland owners subscribing to the Exmoor Woodcert Scheme.  The scheme is recognised by an international forestry certification body, thereby ensuring that all forest operations comply with industry best-practice guidelines.

Naturally Seasoned

Ash and beech are preferred to make the best firewood.  Cut material is stacked in a suitable place (exposed to both sun and wind) and left to season for 12-18 months. Material is then cut and split into logs, bagged and dry-stored for a further 6 months. Correct seasoning is vital to maximise efficiency.

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NB. Products might not be available at all branches, please call ahead to check availability.



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