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Farming Information & Guides

We are lucky to have a wealth of farming infromation at our fingertips and as such we have compiled several handy guides for you.  From beef and sheep management guides, dairy management and forage management guides to timber guides and planning and installing electric fencing providing tips on maximising farm efficiencies.  Search below for the guide you are looking for, download it and keep it to hand.  These guides are updated from time to time to provide you with the latest information.

Cattle Guides

If you're looking for some tips and advice for how to make the most of your cattle read here:

Calf Management Guide  Dairy Hygiene Product Guide  Dairy Beef Production Opportunity


Poultry Guides

For information relating to your brood, see our guides on how to manage chickens

Guide to Keeping Chickens   

Forage & Fencing Guides

Regular investment in reseeding grassland should provide significant returns in the amount of grass produced on farm and potentially increased farm net profit through higher yields, improved feed quality, higher dry matter intakes, improved protein content, reduced bought-in feed, greater stock densities and better response to fertiliser. These benefits all add up to make successful pasture renewal one of the most cost-effective investments livestock farmers can undertake.

  The Mole Range of Silage Additives Electric Fence Product Guide A Guide to Stock Fencing


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