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The Mole Valley Farmers Home Page

From the home page you can navigate to all other pages of the website.  At the very top of the page, you will always find access to the store locator, contact us, about us, my account and help pages.

Below this, next to the Mole Valley Farmers logo, a search box is provided.  Use this to search the site for products and/or advice.  Next to the search box, on the right-hand side of the page, your basket is shown.  This will alter if you add products to your basket and can be used to review and pay for your purchases.

The horizontal menu below these features provides access to commonly-used areas of the site.  It links to information specifically aimed at farmers, smallholders, equestrian customers, etc.  Within these areas, you will find products as well as advice and guidance relevant to that particular topic.

All of the aforementioned features are permanently available on each page of the site.

In the centre of the home page, links to information about membership and our email newsletter are provided.  Links to weather, market prices, news and events, the about us section, small ads and jobs are provided lower on the page.

From anywhere on the website you can return to the home page by clicking ‘Home’, which is located on the extreme left hand end of the horizontal menu at the top of every page.

How to Search For Products

Products can be found in a number of ways.  The first is by using the search box at the top of each page.  The search facility will locate relevant products as well as advice and guidance if appropriate.

If you would prefer to browse the products in a particular area, click the subject you are most interested in on the horizontal menu at the top of the page (i.e. farming, smallholding, equestrian, home and garden).  This will take you to pages designed specifically for these areas.  If you hover over the words in the horizontal menu, a drop-down menu will appear which provides quick and easy links to products within that area.

It is also possible to browse products by their brand. The major brands on the website can be found by clicking ‘Shop by Brand’, which is located at the extreme right hand end of the horizontal menu at the top of every page.

Each page of the online shop features a navigation menu on the left hand side.  This can also be used to search for products.


You can browse the entire product catalogue by either hovering your mouse over each category in the menu on the left hand side or by clicking on them.  Either method will provide more details.  For example, if you hover over ‘Animal Medicine & Health’ the available sub groups will be displayed.  If you then hover over ‘Sheep Medicines’, the next level of categorisation will be displayed; if you then click ‘Wormers’ all the sheep wormers will be displayed.


When viewing products in a list, you can alter the order in which they are displayed to suit your preference.  Use the ‘sort by’ box at the top of the page to list products by price (high to low or low to high), by customer rating, alphabetically and more.


To see more information about a product click either on the image, the name of the product or where invited to ‘read more’.   All of these methods take you to a page about that product, where in most cases it is possible to read an extended product description, view enlarged images (and zoom in to see details in the image), read customer reviews, rate the product, view a video of it in use where available and of course purchase the product!  The product pages also contain access to our returns policy, delivery information and store locator.


It is possible to make easy product comparisons.  When viewing a list of products, tick the appropriate boxes on the right-hand side of the page.  When you have selected all the products you wish to compare, click ‘Compare Products’ at the top of the page.  Only products of the same type can be compared to each other, for example it is not possible to compare a lawnmower to a brush cutter. You must select between two and four products to compare.

How to Place an Order


When you find a product you wish to buy, simply check the quantity and click ‘Add to Basket’.  The contents of your basket are always displayed in the top right hand corner of the page.  They will be updated when you click ‘Add to Basket’.  You can use this area to review your purchases, change quantities or remove products from your basket and, when you have finished shopping, to access the checkout.  You can also save your basket, which is useful if you wish to make regular purchases of the same products or if you are suddenly called away before completing your order.


The basket displays the total net price of your purchases.  It does not include VAT or delivery.  By default, the price of standard delivery to mainland UK addresses is shown, but will change if you live outside of mainland UK (postal zones explained) or if you select express delivery.  It will change automatically if you log in and save a delivery address that is outside of mainland UK.


The checkout process involves four steps, which you will be guided through.  You may review your order, change quantities and remove items before payment during the third stage.


If you already have an online account with Mole Valley Farmers, please enter your email address and password here to recall the information about you that we require to process the order. 

If you are a new customer, please complete the form to continue.  Having an online account with us will make purchasing from our site much quicker and easier.


For security reasons we are only able to deliver your first order to the card holder’s billing address.  Subsequent orders may be delivered to an alternative delivery address.


This is the final opportunity to ensure all your order details are correct.

On certain orders it will be possible to choose standard or express delivery. For other orders it might not be possible.  For more information about delivery please read the Delivery Information page.


If you are a member of Mole Valley Farmers (ie. Farmer Shareholder, Country Member or Standard Account Holder) and you have enabled your account online, you will have the choice of booking to your account or paying by card.  Non-members must pay by card.  Explore the membership options and their benefits to you.


If you have a Mole Valley Farmers electronic voucher please enter the unique code at this stage to redeem it.  Please note that we are unable to accept a voucher when booking to an account.

Electronic vouchers may only be redeemed through our website, not through our branches.  Paper vouchers that are issued from branches may only be redeemed through our branches, not through our website.


Providing your order has been processed successfully, the order confirmation page will be displayed.  Please print this page or make a note of your order reference number to allow you to track your order. In addition, an email will be sent to confirm that we have received your order.  We will send another email to let you know when the order has been dispatched.


Certain products such as knives, axes, chainsaws and solvents can only be sold to adults. We therefore require these products to be paid for either on account or by credit card to ensure the purchaser is over 18.  If you attempt to purchase any of these items with a debit card you will be asked to purchase them with a credit card instead. Failure to do so will result in the order being cancelled.


To track your order, click on My Account at the very top of the page.  If you have not logged in you will be asked to do so. Clicking on Order Tracking will display all orders and their status.

Mole Valley Farmers Members Services Online

To become a member of Mole Valley Farmers and for information about Member benefits, see our Membership Section.  There, you can download a membership form by clicking Apply Now.


Registering your account online allows you to book and make payments to it using this website, at the same time taking advantge of your member discount.  To make your account available online please go to our Membership Section and complete the short form before clicking Register.  For security reasons we will send you a letter, which will need to be signed and returned to us.  On receipt of your signed confirmation we will enable your account.



Once you have access to your account online, simply follow the step by step instructions below:

1.    Go to

2.    Click on My Account in the top left hand corner.

3.    Log in as an existing customer using the email address and password you gave when signing up online or put on the tear off slip if you had a letter.

Mole Valley Farmers Online Account | Getting Started

4.    Click the Go button under the ‘Payments and Transactions’ box.

Mole Valley Farmers Online Account | Payment and Transactions Box

5.    You will now be shown the list of the accounts that you have requested access to online, together with the current balance and amount due at the next statement.

To view your transactions, reprint invoices and pay your account use the quick links on the right of the screen.

Mole Valley Farmers Online Account | View Your Transactions


To view your previous transactions, simply click on the appropriate account number or use the ‘View Statement’ quick link on the right of the screen.  This will display the list of transactions on the account for the current month.  Use the previous and next button to view other months.


To view all of your outstanding invoices click on the ‘View Outstanding Invoices’ quick link on the account summary screen.  This will display all the transactions that have not been paid.  To pay, see Making Payments below.


Mole Valley Farmers and Mole Valley Forage Services invoices can be reprinted by double clicking on the invoice number.  This will open a PDF document, which you can print or save.  Please note that Feed Solutions invoices will be available to reprint soon.


You can setup One Click payment to make paying your accounts quicker and easier.  You can save a number of cards and set one as your Preferred Payment Method.

1.    Click Preferred Payment Method in the left hand menu.

Mole Valley Farmers Online Account | Preferred Payment Method

2.    To add a new card, click Add New Card and enter your card details before clicking Save.  Repeat this step for each card that you wish to save. Please note that all of your information is completely secure.

Mole Valley Farmers Online Account | Add a New Card

3.    To setup a particular card as your Preferred Payment Method, select the relevant card from the ones you have saved in the drop down menu and click Make this my Preferred Payment Method.

Mole Valley Farmers Online Account | Set up your Preferred Payment Method



Select the account you wish to pay on the Account Overview page by checking the appropriate box on the left hand side.  The total amount due will be shown in the ‘Pay Selected Account’ box at the bottom of the screen.  If you have setup a ‘preferred payment method’ then select this option, if not click Go and then enter your card details.

Mole Valley Farmers Online Account | Paying Whole Accounts


If you would like to pay individual invoices, rather than your whole account, click View Outstanding Invoices.  This will display all outstanding invoices on the account.  Simply select the invoices you want to pay (using the check boxes on the left hand side).  The total will be displayed in the ‘Pay Selected Invoices’ box at the bottom of the screen. Check this figure and then click Go.  You will then need to enter your card details, unless you have setup a Preferred Payment Method (in which case, choose this option to pay with one click).  Please note that all of your information is completely secure.

Mole Valley Farmers Online Account | Paying Individual Invoices


To make additional accounts available to view online, click Account Management in the left hand menu.  Enter the account numbers in the boxes and then click Submit.

Mole Valley Farmers Online Account | Adding Additional Accounts

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