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HerdInsights Year Round Reproductive And Health Monitoring At Your Fingertips

HerdInsights is a multi-metric, cloud based ‘Smart Collar’ for dairy cows which improves the efficiency of farm breeding programmes and reduces health care costs through early illness detection.

How It Works

Reproduction Management

  • 96% oestrus detection:

    • Oestrus activity
    • Mounting behaviour
    • Sniffing
  • Cystic and non-cycling cow monitoring

  • Display of the onset of oestrus time

  • Early embryo loss identifi cation

Health Management

  • Early illness detection:
    • Rumination monitoring
    • Feeding behaviour
    • Resting time
Health check - Iphone

Effective Monitoring With Numerous Benefits

Continuous Development

New features and enhancements are automatically deployed to collars.

Third Party Integration

Our cloud based solution enables 3rd party integration with most drafting gate systems.

Heifer Monitoring

Remote monitoring of heifers off farm through remote gateway.


HerdInsights uses a multi-metric analysis on each individual cows behaviour enabling more accurate and timely heat detection.


Insight into each individual cows health status enabling intervention at subclinical stage.


Easy accessible support - Enabling remote diagnostics from our dedicated support team.


Year Round Reproductive And Health Monitoring At Your Fingertips


Our team are glad to be of assistance whenever the need arises. From technical support to reporting information, we are here to help. Our advisors are able to provide complete information on packages and payment options and we can develop bespoke systems to meet your specific needs.

For more information about HerdInsights service, or if you would like to discuss implementing the system onto your farm, contact us today, or visit:

It provides you with key physiological data from your cows in real-time


E: [email protected]
T: +44(0)1392 873265

Store Locator For website enquiries and online orders phone 01769 576419 (8.30am - 5.30pm 5 days a week)

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