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Manufactured in the UK, the Visqueen silage sheet range has been helping British farmers create ideal conditions for ensiling nutritious silage for over four decades. Known for its high strength, puncture resistance and excellent seal characteristics, the Visqueen range benefits from the latest five layer, blown extrusion technology. The five layer manufacturing process enables the most effective placement of raw materials within the film. This ensures the UV stabilisers are on the outside, (facing the weather), with the inner layers bearing the high strength and puncture resistance elements of these exceptionally strong sheets.

By providing a highly effective air seal across the clamp face, the combination of a Visqueen Agri-S top sheet and Visqueen Clingseal (a thin, flexible, low permeability sheet that reduces top and shoulder spoilage) helps to create the right anaerobic conditions for fast, efficient fermentation. Visqueen Clingseal sits directly beneath the traditional black silage sheet, where, thanks to its design, it ‘clings’ to the clamp surface. This prevents pockets of trapped air forming, significantly reducing aerobic spoilage on the top and shoulders.

In terms of return on investment (ROI), Visqueen Clingseal pays for itself. Taking a typical example of a maize silage clamp:

  • 1m3 of maize silage equates to approx 800kg of material. Therefore based on an example price of £40/tonne, 1m3 is worth circa £32.
  • So a 1m2 layer, 10cm deep is worth approximately £3.20 and a 1m2 layer, 1cm deep, worth 32p.
  • Hence the Clingseal film that costs approximately 10p/m², equates to the value of just a 0.5cm thick layer of maize silage on this surface area. Put another way: if a farmer has previously suffered surface spoilage of more than 0.5cm, rectifying this with Clingseal should recoup the cost.

Visqueen clingseal


Silage Sheets


Heavy weight protective silage covers
Super 300g black polythene woven sheet

NoTyreTex is the best quality, and toughest cover on the market and at the best value. It is re-usable, and with care, may last over 15 years.

The black woven sheet is exceptionally tough and when used with gravel bags protects the silage from flapping sheets, bird, vermin and cattle damage.

3 standard sizes available, delivered direct to farm from the manufacturer.

  • 7.2 x 13m
  • 10.8 x 14m
  • 12.2 x 15m

When measuring - allow an extra 50cm for each overlap and each edge. For large domed clamps an extra 10% should be allowed.

  • Make covering silos quick, clean and easy saving labour costs
  • Eliminate tyres & reduce water borne diseases
  • Protect silages and feeds from damage by birds & animals
  • Stop the herd mortality from wired cows and youngstock
  • Ensure better preservation and reduce silage waste
  • Protect feeds from contamination
  • Improve compliance with the Agricultural Waste Management Act

Gravel bags available in packs of 10. Don’t overfill - use 13kg clean gravel/bag. The bags are 1m long. Lay around the edges and across the clamps every 4.5m.


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