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smaXtec Inside Monitoring

The award-winning smaXtec Inside technology enables easy monitoring of your animals. The sensors in bolus-form only need to be administered once and operate fully automatically and do not require any maintenance. Data is automatically wirelessly transmitted as soon as the animals are in the vicinity of the read-out devices.

smaXtec offers two types of boluses covering the following functions

smaXtec Basic for estrus & calving detection, drinking, activity & individual health monitoring

smaXtec Premium, covering all Basic functions and offering feed management and herd health monitoring based on pH values


  1. The smaXtec Sensor continuously and wirelessly records the core temperature in the rumen and the cow’s activity levels.
  2. The smaXtec +pH is designed to provide continuous measurement of ruminal pH and temperature as well as activity levels.
  3. The smaXtec Climate Sensor is designed to provide continuous measurement of environmental factors such as outside temperature, humidity level and air pressure.
  4. The smaXtec Base Station automatically receives the relevant data in real-time. The data is transmitted to the smaXtec server where it can be accessed from the Online Archive.
  5. The smaXtec Repeater can be used to extend the range of the smaXtec Base Station.
  6. The smaXtec Messenger is an automatic alerting and messaging tool providing information on changes in the state of health of individual cows. The collected data is, with the permission of the user, also accessible for advisors, veterinarians etc. The messenger is also used to manage user settings, master data and generate reports as part of the smaXtec service. Installation is undertaken by a Moletech veterinary surgeon and technicians. It also involves a pre-installation assessment including a questionnaire and survey to make sure we develop the correct sensor configurations for your farm and requirements. Maintenance and support of the system is also carried out by Moletech technicians and veterinary surgeons.

    For more information about smaXtec service, or if you would like to discuss arranging an on farm consultation please email: [email protected]

Smaxtec System
Smaxtec System Diagram

Inside Monitoring Offers Numerous Benefits

Due to the positioning of the sensor, we only measure direct parameters, which enables immediate conclusions to be drawn about the health status of your animals. Customers particularly appreciate the exceptional accuracy of the data delivered by the smaXtec system.

Focus On The Important Things – With The smaXtec Messenger dashboard

With the smaXtec dashboard you see by glancing at the Action List which animals require your attention and which actions need to be taken as soon as possible. In addition, the Reproduction Status and Health Status fields provide comprehensive information about the current status and development of the herd.

You can make sure you’ll always up-to-date by receiving notifications via push notification (app) or via email.

The measurement data can, if the user so wishes, be shared with other people – for example veterinarians or feed advisors. This enables optimum use to be made of the available data.


Our team are glad to be of assistance whenever the need arises. From technical support to reporting information, we are here to help. Our advisors are able to provide complete information on packages and payment options and we can develop bespoke systems to meet your meet your specific needs.

For more information about smaXtec service, or if you would like to discuss implementing the system onto your farm, contact us today, or visit:

It provides you with key physiological data from your cows in real-time

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