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When it comes to bale wrap, Silotite is a global market leader, each year protecting in excess of 50 million bales in over 50 countries. The result of continuous research and development, Silotite is the product of choice for contractors and farmers who seek the combined benefits of strength, consistent performance and durability in a bale wrap.



Silotite is designed for trouble-free use when wrapping round and square bales and is versatile enough to be used on almost any type of crop. It is also suitable for use on all types of bale wrappers. Most major manufacturers use Silotite as their product of choice for demonstrations and trials.

  • Multi-layer construction for superior strength
  • Unique two-sided tack for excellent sealing
  • Suitable for use on round and square bales
  • UV radiation protection for all climates
  • High tack level eliminates long 'tails' during wrapping
  • Made in the UK


SilotitePro is manufactured using the latest raw materials and advanced pre-oriented 5 layer blown film extrusion techniques that enhance the essential characteristics of silage stretchfilm. The unique system of continuous measurement and adjustment applied during the SilotitePro production process assures the optimisation of the film’s high performing 5 layer structure.

  • A more efficient wrapping process
  • Significant cost savings
  • Enhanced silage quality
  • Improved environmental credentials
  • Designed specifically for high output round bale integrated combi-wrappers



Total Bale Plus


Total Bale Plus is a durable 5 layer silage stretchfilm that offers a cost-effective wrapping solution thanks to its 10% extra length. The extra 150m on each roll enables users to gain up to 10% more bales per reel. Depending on the number of layers applied this could mean an additional 3 bales are wrapped for each reel used.

  • 10% more film per reel
  • Manufactured with advanced polymers
  • High puncture resistance and cling
  • UV stabilisation to protect from sunlight exposure


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07896 134748

Nigel Cockwill
07786 855223

Tony Whyte
07855 511042

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