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Total bale plus instructions

Total Bale Plus Instructions

Total Bale Plus is exclusively produced for Mole Valley Farmers, these instructions will help you get the most from your product.

Store reels on ends in a dry place out of direct sunlight:
Total Bale Plus should be kept in its packaging until ready for use, store reels on their ends in a dry place out of direct sunlight. The ideal storage temperature is 20C.

Keep reels in boxes and condition in ambient temperature prior to use:
Keep reels in original packaging boxes and condition at ambient temperature prior to use. Take care when opening cartons and handling reels so as not to damage them. Ideally reel edges should be protected. Cover reels left on wrapper to keep out moisture. For best quality bales, reels must be used within one year of purchase. Only remove the reels from protective packaging immediately prior to use. Follow instructions on the box, the arrow on the box indicates the direction of wrapping.
Film width on flat end of bale should be 580 -620mm
The height of the pre-stretch unit should be adjusted so that the centre points of the bale and film reel are horizontally aligned. Thread and attach the reel of film as per individual wrapper instructions. Final width of film as measured on the flat end of a round bale should, with 500mm film be 380mm- 420mm, and with 750mm film be 580mm-620mm. Should film width vary outside these limits, stop wrapping and ascertain cause. Ensure regular servicing of wrapper and that pre-stretch unit rollers are regularly cleaned in accordance with wrapper manufacturer’s instructions.

Apply with at least 50% overlap on previous layer
When wrapping apply at least 50% overlap and check that each layer overlaps at least half the previous layer. 500mm and 750mm films should overlap by at least 21cm and 31cm respectively. 

Apply a minimum of 4 layers to round bales and 6 layers to square bales
Apply a minimum 4 layers of film to all areas, although best practice is to apply 6 layers. Where DM levels exceed 50%, or square bales are wrapped, a minimum of 6 layers of film should be applied. Avoid long film tails by ensuring that the blade of the bale wrapper’s cutting mechanism is maintained in order to ensure a clean film cut after wrapping.
Do not stack more than 3 bales high
When selecting an area to stack bales, choose a well-drained site away from hedges, trees, exposed areas and water courses. Aim to stack bales immediately after wrapping and within 12 hours. Use a purpose built-handler and never a spike. Do not stack more than 3 high. Bales of low dry matter should only be stored in single layers. Repair any damage immediately.

Fence and cover stack to prevent from livestock, birds and rodents
Cover stacked bales with a net secured at ground level to protect against birds and vermin. Aim to support the net so that it is not in direct contact with the tops of bales, this will avoid any fraction damage. Ensure that stack is fenced off from livestock if necessary. Make regular inspections of the stack and repair any damage immediately. Aim to use bales within 12 months of wrapping.


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