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A Testimonial for Mole Energy

A testimonial for Mole Energy.

Transport Safety | Be Safe On Farm

Figures published by the HSE for 2019/2020, show 21 people were killed as a result of farming and other agriculture-related activities.

Liquid Fertiliser

For more information or to place an order, please contact the Fertiliser Line on 01769 576405 or email [email protected]

OmniGen-AF® For Benefiting the Lifetime of Your Herd

Including OmniGen-AF® in calf milk replacer and rearer nuts has reduced calf mortality by 13% at Summerfield Farm...

Don't Miss Opportunities At Tupping Time

For more information about SUGARMAXX buckets or to place an order, please contact your local store or call the Alternative Feeds and Blends Line on 01566 780261.

Can We Help You Improve Margin Over Purchased Feed (MOPF)

We are on a mission to help farmers improve margin over purchased feed (MOPF)

Solar Energy & Battery Power

Battery storage is also an important addition to most home solar systems, for it allows you to capture excess energy, (normally lost back to the National Grid), for domestic use instead. CALL MOLE ENERGY TODAY 01803 732946

Clingseal Vacuum Sheeting For Minimal Waste

Maize forage offers a high nutritional content to both dairy and beef herds; however, it needs to be harvested and ensiled correctly to get the most from the nutritional content.

Want To Maximise Your Beef Cattle's Potential?

It is looking like there should be good supplies of cereals for feeding to beef cattle this winter, barley in particular. If feeding home grown cereals, consider adding a low inclusion beef protein concentrate to balance cereals.

First Cut Silage Concerns

Early grass silage analysis results suggest farmers will have to carefully consider ration protein levels and potential secondary fermentation risk this season.

Mega-Fat Multi

Feeding a specialist fat including C16 and C18:1 fatty acids can help achieve "the best of both worlds" in terms of milk fat and cow fertility.

What Is The Best Way To Tidy Up My Milking Parlour?

From milking liners to plant disinfectants, udder creams and parlour boarding or call Mark Cox 07817 938700.

How Can I Manage Worm Control In My Flock?

Plan Ahead for Full Season Sustainable Worm Control. Managing the gut round worm burden in lambs is essential if they are to grow well and reach slaughter weight (or tupping weight for replacement ewe lambs), with minimal concentrate feeding or extra cost.

How Much Will A Pony Paradise Cost?

For ponies to enjoy paddock enrichment.

Solar Energy Freedom!

It’s the freedom that comes from solar self-sufficiency and the knowledge that your panels are generating free, abundant power that is saving both planet and pocket.

How Can I get the Best from My Freshly Calved Cows?

Calcium management and milk fever prevention is a vital part of dry cow management...

Hayvalley Success!

Highest Yielding Robotic Herd in the UK: Hayvalley teamwork pays off!

How Can I Reduce Concussion Injury In my Herd?

Do your cows have to turn sharply on exit from the parlour or stand for over 1.5 hours at each milking? if so, installing mats at key pressure points around the parlour could help foot health.

Do You Have Protein & Fermentation Concerns From Your First Cut?

Early grass silage analysis results suggest farmers will have to carefully consider ration protein levels and potential secondary fermentation risk this season.

How Can I Maintain A Healthy Paddock?

Handy tips for your perfect paddock...

Can Grazing Save Feed Costs?

What is grazing worth?

What Is The Impact Of Feeding Too Much Protein at Turnout?

Balancing rations to complement high protein grass not only makes economic sense, but can also help the environment, according to calculations carried out by Mole Valley Farmers.

Could NovaPro Be An Alternative For Your Soybean Meal?

NovaPro; derived from UK-grown crops and without the freight costs or fluctuating exchange rates, is available at a more consistent and consistently lower price, than soybean meal.

How Can I help my Ponies Stay Healthy Whilst Grazing?

Emma Massinglae, one of our Sponsored Riders shares her thoughts and plans for creating a "Pony Paradise".

The New Agricultural Bill

Janet Herniman, Rural & Funding Specialist at The Diverse Regeneration Company looks at the new Agricultural Bill and how to incorporate and embrace these changes in the day to day running of your farm, for long term success.

How Many Extra Crop Packaging Layers Brings Additional Benefit?

Six layers of film improved fermentation, reduced moulds, improved the oxygen barrier and reduced dry matter losses. IGER report that the differences were "highly statistically significant" Read More...

Need to Monitor & Plan

Low grass growth? See how to monitor and plan ahead

How Can I Manage Seasonal Changes to Diets?

One of the biggest challenges when feeding cows, is the seasonal changes to the diets fed.

Developing a Parasite Control Plan

Are you building a parasite control plan?

How Can I Be Energy Self Sufficient?

Time To Go Self-Sufficient: What You Need To Know About Home Solar in 2020

What Is The Best Way To Get The Best Out Of My Silage?

Feeding sub standard silage can lead to production diseases, acidosis, poor fertility, ketosis or laminitis. Therefore every effort should be made to optimise forage quality and minimise losses, through reducing oxygen in the clamp during the three key stages of harvest/filling, storage and feed-out

How Can I help My Calf Immunity?

If heifers are to calve-in at the most economical age of 24 months, they can ill afford any setbacks in growth. That is where Ambition Calf + OmniGen-AF® can help.

Are There Agricultural Grants Available in 2020?

Clock is ticking for claims from successful grant applicants!

What Does A timber Journey Look Like?

Working with our key partners for both agricultural machine round timbers and square sawn timber products, we have been following the journey that each product takes from its origin to arriving in store or on farm.

How Can I Switch My Business To Solar Energy?

In 2020, we all appear to be thinking a little more about our impact on the environment. And that can only be a good thing.

What Are the Lamb Market Trends?

Key Trends to Look For in 2020 Lamb Markets...

How Will the New Agricultural Bill 2020 Affect My Farm?

The new Agricultural Bill introduced in the middle of January signals a massive switch in UK agriculture. Although the transition in payments is scheduled to take seven years, farmers need to plan ahead now.

How Do I Create the Best Pony Paddock?

Poached or overly grazed fields will see desirable grasses die out and be replaced with poorer quality weed grasses and perennial weeds.

How Does A cow's Diet Affect the Environment?

Farmers can now get a greater understanding of how different cow diets impact on the environment, thanks to a new approach launched by Mole Valley Farmers at Dairy-Tech last month (5 February).

Maize Silage Additives

A proven maize silage additive will help farmers get better animal performance from their livestock and offers a good return on investment.

Are All Fats Created Equal?

“Not all fats are created equal” says Dr Adam Lock. Achieving a positive outcome actually relies on choosing the right balance of fatty acids...


Zolvix removes worms from sheep, even those that other wormers have left behind, and kills even resistant worms. Incorporate Zolvix now, in every flock, every year, for improved productivity and to help prolong the efficacy of existing classes of wormers.

Forage Review

Early indications of silage quality for 2019 suggest drier silages than last year, perhaps slightly lower in nutritional content but notable by the large variations.

Autumn Seeds

What are the Autumn seed markets doing?

Monitor Usage From An App

Mole Energy has decided to give away a free Samsung Galaxy 10.1” with all new orders for solar PV or battery storage until the 30 September 2019.

Colostrum Management For Better Immunity & Performance

How could colostrum management be impacting immunity and calf performance? Book a free appraisal, please call our Lifetime Specialist William McNiece 07973 943426

How Does British Wool Support Local Farmers in The Current Market?

How does British Wool support local farmers in the current market? Read our Q&A with Joe Farren, CEO, British Wool...

Countryside Productivity Small Grants Available Now

The Countryside Productivity Small Grant scheme Round 2 is open between 9 July 2019 and midday on 3 September 2019

Can Omnigen-AF® Reduce Antibiotic Usage & Improve Health?

“After feeding OmniGen-AF® to the cows, we saw a 50% reduction in antibiotic use, healthier udders, fertility went up, milk went up and mastitis and somatic cell counts went down,” Sharon Hawken

Is Autumn Reseeding Beneficial?

Call your local farm sales contact or phone the Seedline on 01769 576232 for more details on Mole Valley Farmers Premier Leys and any bulk discounts that may be available.

Can A Smaxtec Bolus Help My Herd?

How Smaxtec might give you some peace of mind as it did for one farming family in Cornwall.

How Can I Keep My Kids Safe On Farm?

Read on about safety for children in farming environments.

Can A PV Battery Make A Difference with My Solar Panels?

Looking for help to find the right battery for your home? Call our team on 01803 732946 or email [email protected] for honest, straightforward support and no hard sell.

Can Maxammon Treated Cereals Improve DLWG?

Glasgow Vet School conducted a Maxammon finishing trial on the farm of high performing beef specialists the Stewart family. They tested whether a new alternative treated grain source would outperform the existing system.

TDC400 For Your Transition Cows

TDC400 was developed by Mole Valley Farmers, utilising dry cow research at Cornell University in USA. It is now fed on many farms across the country.

Sheep Scab Control

Dipping ceased to be compulsory in 1992, leading to an estimated 60-fold increase in sheep scab on UK farms. Scab is a major concern and producers are still struggling to get the disease under control.

Win Burghley Tickets!

Visit our Facebook Equestrian Page to try to win tickets in August.

The Octopus Tariff For New Solar Systems

The Octopus Tariff - No sooner had the Government axed the solar Feed-In Tariff than Octopus Energy stepped up with their own solar tariff – one of the first of its kind in the UK.

Identify Illness Early with Smaxtec Bolus Technology

How Smaxtec Herd monitoring systems help identify illness early and impact on antibiotic use.

Can I Make My Business Energy More Efficient With Solar?

Ben’s Farm Shop picked Mole Energy to make their business even greener. See how they saved with solar...

1 Tricycle,1000 Miles, 2 Ponies & A Dog

Adventurer and animal whisperer Emma Massingale, from Holsworthy in Devon is once again embarking on a ground-breaking trip that no one has ever attempted before. This time she is planning a 1000 mile cycle across Europe.

What's Happening With The Cattle Markets?

How will Brexit and other pressures influence the cattle market?

Humidity + Temperature = Conditions For Heat Stress

Heat stress is not just about temperature, it is the combination of humidity and temperature. Whilst it may well be hotter in other parts of the world, UK humidity levels can catch us out even if temperatures are not excessive.

The Importance of Supply Chain Models

In 2014, 26 year old Jack Stilwell started Green Lanes Farming with two calves - fast forward just five years and he now rears over 5,000 head a year. Such outstanding progress has been spurred on by a thirst to succeed, a passion to create a sustainable beef supply chain and just a sprinkling of obsession.

Innovation in Calf Immunity - Ambition Calf Incorporating OmniGen-AF

Ambition Calf is a high quality calf feed that incorporates the speciality supplement, OmniGen-AF® - to help support immune function in youngstock. To find out more contact the Mole Valley Farmers FeedLine on Tel: 01278 444829.

Why Do I Need Solar Battery Storage?

The solar panels and battery storage systems we offer at Mole Energy are sleek, stylish additions to the home, enabling you to generate clean, free energy and store it for use at any time of day.

How Can I Support Immune Function in Calves?

Innovation in immunity with Ambition Calf + OmniGen-AF To find out more, call the Feed Line on 01278 444829 or email: [email protected]

Avoid Unnecessary Dips in Butterfats

For more information about butterfats, please speak to our Feed Line on 01278 444829

How Can I Find Out More About Ruminant Research?

The business is committed to a significant investment in applied ruminant research in order to ensure that customers are at the forefront of latest developments.

How Can I Be Confident About Rearing Surplus Lambs?

A study carried out at IBERS, Aberystwyth University, recently reported that the use of a colostrum alternative followed by good quality lamb milk replacer, such as Mole Valley Farmers Lamlac, facilitates the successful rearing of surplus lambs.

Can I Heat Hot Water From Solar Panels?

Firstly use electrical appliances like immersion heaters, tumble driers and dishwashers when your panels are generating free solar energy eg during the day, especially sunny periods. You can also integrate other features to your new system, like the battery storage facility and Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points we offer at Mole Energy.

Can I Monitor My Cows' Health Better?

With the two systems Moletech offer, farmers can be confident that they can achieve both a healthy herd plus a healthy bottom line.

Solar Energy Costs and Benefits

What does solar energy cost to install, maintain and ultimately how much will it save?

A Bed For Your Horse

Mayo mattresses, cost-effective, lightweight and strong for the greatest comfort.

Formulate a Farm Plan

Now is the ideal time to formulate the plan which suits your needs and your farm.

Control Disease To Improve Health & Growth Rates In Lambs

Parasitic gastroenteritis is the primary production limiting disease of sheep in the UK. The annual cost of stomach worms to the industry is estimated to be £84 million, as infection decreases growth rates in lambs. As the level of challenge increases, the growth rates decrease accordingly.

Reduce Incidence of Bloat, Lameness & Aggressive Behaviour

According to a University of Milan beef finishing trial, replacing sodium bicarbonate with Acid Buf rumen conditioner can increase in daily liveweight gain (DLWG) by up to 7% and feed efficiency by up to 5%. The change also reduced the incidence of bloat, lameness and aggressive behaviour.

Reap The Benefits

Undertaking a Lifetime Dairy Appraisal has resulted in numerous benefits for one Welsh family dairy. In the second of two parts, we look at how addressing transition cow management has improved yields and lower transition disease - equating to a £16,500 yearly saving.

Dairy Tech 2019

Dairy Tech 2019


we are looking for organic farmers interested in growing organics lupins as a cash crop.

Why Should I Get Solar Panels?

If you’ve been thinking about solar, the stats say that your friends and family have also been thinking about it. And if you install your system, they’re more likely to install theirs.

Raw Materials This Year - Soya Wheat and Cereals

Paul Roberts, Agricultural Procurement gives his raw material predictions for 2019

Which Spring Barley?

Since Evelina was introduced in 2016 it has performed exceptionally well across a number farms. Some are now growing it for the second or third time, continuing to give glowing recommendations.

Kittows Butchers & Women in Farming

The need to “shout about” British food and farming was a hot topic at a recent Mole Valley Farmers’ Women in Farming event at James Kittow’s Butchers in Par, Cornwall.

Lifetime Dairy

The importance of keeping cows eating around calving to maximise fertility was one of the key take-home messages from the recent Mole Valley Farmers’ Lifetime Dairy Conferences.

Sainfoin A Perennial Legume

Read on for the benefits of sainfoin as highlighted in an EU funded "Healthy Hay" project.


HerdInsights will be available under Phase 2 of the Countryside Productivity Grant - which provides funding to improve productivity in the farming sector.

Solar Energy

Attitudes towards clean energy are becoming more positive and more urgent – which is a great thing for all of us. So in the spirit of the New Year, here are our top five reasons for including solar in your future plans.

Lifetime Appraisals

Lifetime Dairy appraisal results in a 1.5-2 litre increase per cow a day plus improved calf health.

How much does it truly cost to feed a 600kg steer per day on forage based finishing system?

The dairy farmer needs to produce a litre of milk as economically as possible; similarly, a beef farmer should produce a kilo of meat as efficiently, as possible. Read more...

How Do I Maintain My Soil PH?

The importance of maintaining adequate soil pH is something that is still overlooked by many UK farmers according to many who conduct soil sample analysis.

What Do I need To Know About Choosing My Solar Energy Provider?

The four things to check out before you sign on the dotted line for solar energy.


Will mycotoxins be an issue this winter? 2018

Daily Live Weigh Gain

Read how improvement in DLWG was made at Hennor Farm

Calf Management

Do you know the daily liveweight gain of your youngstock?

Should I Invest in Solar Energy At Home?

When the FIT was launched in 2010, the average energy bill was 12p per unit, while a 4 kW solar system cost £15,000 to install. Today, the same system would cost £5,500 against average bills of 16p per unit.

Potash After Drought Conditions - What Do I Need To Consider?

Make sure your soil analysis is up to date, then look at crop requirements to determine potash requirements.

How can I Prepare For Pasteurellosis?

I haven’t vaccinated and my sheep are dying! What do I do?

Can I Use Drones For Compatible Oestrus & Health Monitoring?

As part of HerdInsights product development programme, the company is excited to announce HerdInflight - a revolutionary drone compatible, oestrus and health monitoring gateway.

Non Burning Hydramix Lime

Making the move from a conventional lime product to Nadins Hydramix Lime in cow cubicles, has helped halve the average clinical mastitis rates and improve somatic cell counts at Middle Burrow Farm, Devon.

Well Done Alex!

After six months of gruelling preparation, Alex Monro, Director of Mole Energy Switching (, raised thousands of pounds for two cancer charities by riding in a charity horse race at Epsom, on Monday 27 August 2018.

What Next After Harvest?

Crops after the maize harvest - now is the time to consider what to do next with the land.

Get Creative with the Kids and Design a Pair of Wellies

Have a go at designing a pair of childrens' wellies, crafted under the Hawkridge brand. No grown ups allowed though we are looking for a young design talent.

Ventilate, Separate, Medicate, Vaccinate...

Bovine pneumonia stubbornly remains one of the biggest costs to the cattle industry.

Plan, Harvest, Treat, Clamp, Feed

Maize looks good this year and has benefited from the high temperatures and sunshine in June and July, however on thin soils with a low moisture holding capacity, yields will be considerably down.

Structural Fibre & Rumen pH Vital This Winter

To discuss your herd’s feeding requirements, please contact the Mole Valley Feed Solutions Feed Line on 01278 444829

Rumen Health Essential

The drought conditions have made it highly likely that many will be feeding rations with a higher proportion of concentrates, to help offset reduced stocks of silages over the coming winter months.

Time for Tesla

Solar battery storage has come a long way since that drizzly summer. So much so, in fact, that adding battery storage to a home solar system now makes sense in many cases. That’s because solar batteries can now store more power for longer, for the same price.

Is It A World Record???

The attempt to break the Guinness World Record for welly wanging seemed to be a great success, following a mass throw by 800 participants at Holsworthy & Stratton Show on Thursday 23 August.

Solar Energy For Business Proves Cost Efficient for Kenniford

Solar energy for business makes good financial sense.

Pick Of The Crop: Winter Cereals 2018

With only weeks since this year’s late spring cereal drillings, breeders and seed houses have already turned their attention to winter cereals.

Thinking Of Moving To Multi-Cut Silage Next Year?

The benefits and challenges of multi-cut silage...

Minerals: Strike the balance

Mineral assessments are easy to arrange and free to farmers. Mole Valley Farmers can also organise forage mineral analysis of grass silage now, so that autumn ration calculations can be carried and organised well in advance.

British Wool's Success Strategy

British Wool is focused on two key deliverables for sheep farmers – the price returned to producers for their wool and the levels of service delivered.

Young Stock Handlers

Our Young Handlers competition is open for 2020.

Rumen Health

Providing adequate structural fibre and managing rumen pH will be vital this winter in light of early first cut grass silage results.

Heatstroke, Sunburn & Hot Tarmac All Affect Your Pets

Helping you to keep your pets safe and comfortable in the heat; we have some tips and advice.

Use Solar Energy During the Day & Save on Your Bills

Would you know how much power you use? Let David Stevenson, Director of Moleenergy help.

Lupins for home Grown Protein

Read about our organic lupin trial, featured on BBC's Countryfile...

Alex Monro at Epsom

Raising money for an excellent cause, Director of Moleenergy Alex Monro rides for the Willberry the Wonder Pony Charity.

Stay Safe Out There

Take a moment to stay safe and work and plan for a safe return home.

Autumn Reseeding For Productivity

Well managed grass is the cheapest feed for ruminants. Renewing pastures regularly is important to maximise productivity and maintain feed quality.

SmaXtec Boluses for Organic Herds - Livestock Management for the Better

For organic beef farmer Richard Guy, smart bolus technology has revolutionised the accuracy of the AI (Artificial Intelligence) programme used on his nucleus herd of South Devon cows.

OmniGen-AF Farms Report Data

An update on the Immunity Challenge before and after the introduction of OmniGen-AF on farm.

Switch it Up for Potentially Better Rates

Better rates and contracts on your energy bills for your business. It need not be a hassle to switch suppliers by using Mole Energy's Switching Service.

Invest in Calves For Better Lifetime Yield

Several key topics concerning the Lifetime of dairy herds were discussed at the Lifetime Dairy Conference at Wincanton recently. Experts Dr Drakley and Dr Cooke spoke to dairy farmers about the benefits of fully considering the lifetime of your herd.

Calf Hutches For Healthy Calves

How calf hutches can help keep your calves healthier and happier. Read on to find out how...

Herd Insights

To reduce labour and increase farm efficiencies William O'Brien tells us how the Herd Insights technology has helped strengthen his herd.

Vicky & Duntoatee Test Horseware's Micklem Bridle

Vicky Smith tests the Micklem Bridle from Horseware.

Welly Wangers Wanted

Welly wangers wanted

Take A Moment

Mole Valley Farmers is asking farmers to “Take a Moment” to consider their safety as part of a health and safety initiative which will launch at the Devon County Show 2018

Try our Switching Service

See if you can save money on energy bills by switching with Moleenergy.

Choosing The Best Lawnmower For You

How large is your lawn? Do you want stripes? So many things to consider when choosing a lawnmower...

Data Enthusiasm Drives Performance

Data enthusiasm drives flock performance for Peregrine Aubrey and his livestock.

Tips for Cattle At Grass

Read on for a few pointers about beef at grass from the red Meat Team's Chris Lavis...

Cream Award Winners

Mole Valley Farmers members Barry, Jack and Sam Coombes walked away with The High Yield Herd Award at the recent Cream Awards.

Lifetime Dairy - Maximise DMI for Maximum Performance

Sub-optimal dry matter intakes (DMI) during transition is one of a number of farm bottlenecks, which could be holding back overall herd performance.

Meet Emma Massingale and Her Ponies

See Emma at the 2018 Devon County Show. Find out more...

Horse's Health & Performance

The lymphatic system is not very well understood and yet it is crucial to the horse’s health and performance.

Reducing the Risk of Insulin Dysregulation

Could you identify Insulin dysregulation from PPID (Cushing's Syndrome)?

Sugar and Horses

A lot of myths and misinformation circulate about sugar. Read on to distinguish fact from fiction...

Silage & Feed Sacks Recycling Scheme

We are in discussions to develop a free agri plastics recycling scheme.

Lifetime Dairy

Lifetime Dairy is a consultation-style service, which looks at the four main stages of the cow’s life; The calf, the heifer, the transition cow and the lactating animal.

Do You Have A Holiday Cottage to Rent Out?

Any holiday cottage owners who sign up with between 1 January - 31 March 2018 quoting “MVF Newsletter” will receive £250 of Mole Valley Farmers gift vouchers! Call Mole Valley Plus on 01769 576201 for more information

Monitor Cost of Production for More Efficient Calf Rearing

Leading US dairy business consultant Matt Lange (MBA) from Wisconsin- based Compeer Financial urged farmers to take greater control of their costs structures especially forage and labour costs. Mr Lange stated farmers need to monitor costs of production and seek to increase forage value.

A Win For Our Ad at the Equus Film Festival

A win for our ad at the Equus Film Festival in New York.

Chairman's Point of View

Find out what Graeme Cock, Chairman, sees in the future.

Get the Most From Your Herd

Innovation and best practice dairy management will form the focus for expert speakers at two Mole Valley Farmers Lifetime Dairy Conferences.

Take The pain out of Strimming

Christian Welburn investigates the effectiveness of the Stihl FSA 45 Lithium Ion battery powered grass trimmer.

High Quality Feed for Your Smallholding Animals

Welcome Back, Emma Massingale!

Emma Massingale is back after spending a month with her two young Eriskay ponies horseboarding across the Outer Hebrides.

Youngstock Management

Calf Conference 2017 - Dr Robert Corbett & Dr Alex Bach share their thoughts at Mole Valley Farmers’ first Calf Conference.

Monitoring Heat Stress

Victor Ogedegbe tells us how to reduce the effects of heat stress this summer.

Smallholder Training

Ever wondered if a smallholding was for you?

My Nuffield Scholarship - Dr. Robert Allen

Dr. Robert Allen shares the opportunities that the Nuffield Scholarship has given him.

What You Need to Know About Redwater Fever

Sylvaine Lacrosse BVetMed MRCVS, shares their advice about redwater fever.

Battery Storage - Monitor Your System, Identify Your Needs.

Any potential adopter of battery technology should have a clear understanding of where their energy usage is consumed and at what times; read on for more information.

Spring Offers

Take a peek at our latest offers...

Grazing Signals: What to Look Out For

Morys Ioan shares what to look at for to prevent "grass blindness".

Are Your Calves Drinking Enough?

Lachie Maclachlan stresses the importance of drinking water for developing rumen in calves.

Taking Your Lambing Business to The Next Chapter?

Peter Delbridge shares his advice this Lambing season.

Sandwich Sales Support North Devon Hospice

We are now stocking Sheppard's sandwiches in our South Molton store.

New Range of Feeds and Minerals to Complement Grazed Grass

These products complement the business’ “Optimum Lifetime Performance” initiative by offering farmers a range of exclusive products and services that aim to enhance an animal’s lifetime performance.

Win A Year's Supply of Frontline Plus

Enter our Frontline giveaway now to win a year's supply of Frontline Plus.

Electricity Costs to Rise in 2017

The farming industry has been facing new challenges caused by increased input costs and lower selling prices. Moleenergy are also facing these challenges, so we're focusing our efforts on controlling costs and increasing efficiencies.

Dairy Farmers Collect Milk Kart

Adrian and Sharon Bullus collect their prize, a brand new Milk Kart!

Lameness Causes & Prevention

Poor foot health can have a significant impact on yield, fertility and longevity and could equate to a financial loss of nearly £15,000 for an average-sized herd.

Strangles: What is it and How Can You Prevent it

Zoe Satsias of St David’s Equine Practice tells us what signs to look out for, what to do in an outbreak, and how to help prevent the disease.

Dog Obesity: The Facts

Pet obesity is on the rise. It is up to us to make healthy choices on our pets’ behalf and this can be much easier than you may think.

Local Cheese Wins Super Gold Medal at World Cheese Awards

Ford Farm's Cave Aged Goats Cheese has been named the Best British Cheese at the 29th annual World Cheese Awards in 2016! It is aged deep within the Wookey Hole caves of Somerset, giving it a deliciously nutty, earthy flavour.

Avoid Pneumonia with a Solid Vaccination Plan

Chris Gregory, Molecare Veterinary Services, answers all of your questions about vaccination plans.

Over £14,000 raised for Cancer Research UK at Holsworthy Auction

Sunday's charity auction at our Holsworthy store has raised of £14,000 for Cancer Research UK.

Pink Bale Charity Auction

Our Holsworthy store be hosting a Pink Bale Auction on Sunday 4th December in support of Cancer Research UK.

Devon Cattle Breeders World Congress 2016

Cattle breeders from all over the world come together for the Cattle Breeders World Congress.

Graffiti Bales for Cancer Research UK

Look what people have been doing with pink bale wrap for such a fantastic cause!

The Pink Takeover

We've gone pink for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Look What's Been Happening in Store...

Mole Valley Farmers, not your average store...

Mole-LYX Mineral Solutions

We've introduced a new mineral supplement range to our product portfolio. The Mole-LYX range reflects the latest research and innovation, with performance and nutrition at the forefront of our consideration.

Do You Have Mycotoxin Issues?

John Lawrence tells us how to keep mycotoxins under control.

An Evening With Emma Massingale

Come to South Molton and hear Emma Massingale talk of her latest adventure with her Connemara ponies.

Should You Be Preparing For Winter Housing?

Rachel Smithyman, Technical, tells us what signals to look out for when preparing for winter housing.

Store Vs Finishing Lambs

Rebecca Moore from the Red Meat Team shines light on the decision many are faced with this time of year.

Water: The Forgotten Essential

John Lawrence, Minerals, shines light on the often ignored essential - water.

Help For Ugandan Orphans

Send a Cow has launched its Ugandan Orphans Project and we are getting behind it.

Can You Identify the Grasses?

Can you identify the grasses making up your fields? Felicity Lenyk puts your knowledge to the test.

How the EU Referendum Will Impact The Prime Cattle Market

Robert Forster, livestock and meat issues commentator, shares how the EU referendum result will affect the prime cattle market.

Total Dairy Seminar 2016

Find out the latest thinking in practical dairy herd management from this year's Total Dairy Seminar, sponsored by Mole Valley Farmers.

Tupping Season with Mole Valley Farmers

Find out how you can improve your ewe's fertility with our new Mole-LYX range.

Energy Saving Technology in Our Stores

We're leading by example with the installation of Solar PV and LED lighting in our stores.

Handmade Somerset Cheese comes to Mole Valley Farmers

Find out about the oldest surviving cheddar-makers behind our new range of Mole Valley Farmers cheese.

Tasty Weekends at Mole Valley Farmers Yeovil

Our Yeovil branch will be hosting a series of Tasty Weekends to celebrate the best of local produce this summer.

Will You Go Pink With Pink Bale Wrap?

Will you go pink? Pink bale wrap by Mole Valley Farmers.

Make the Most of Your Wool

Gareth Jones shares with us how to get the most out of your fleeces, and an update on the BWMB Golden Fleece Competition.

Fly Control in Summer

Susi Atkinson shares with us her top tips on how protect your horse from nuisance flies.

Protecting Your Bales From White Mould

Nigel Cockwill discusses how to prevent spoilage of grass from the onset of white mould.

Blowfly Strike Prevention

Caroline Dawson of Elanco shares with us her guide to avoiding blowfly strike and how to track strikes in your local area.

Royal Cornwall Show Update

We look forward to welcoming you to our stand at this year's Royal Cornwall Show.

New Dairy Hygiene Products From Mole Valley Farmers

Gemma Rowland of Mole Valley Farmers shares her specialist knowledge on Dairy hygiene.

Cattle Fly Control and Treatment

David Jackson of Molecare Vet Services shares with us the importance of fly control and how to combat ectoparasites.

Support Older Horses For Improved Performance

The team at NAF have shared with us some information about their Five Star Syperflex.

Rat Bait Legislative Changes

With the recent changes to Rat Bait Legislation, Mole Valley Farmers explains the new legal requirements and offers the opportunity for customers to take a LANTRA approved exam.

Ultrafast Broadband in the South West

Broadband delivery to rural areas has been slow to progress, so Mole Valley Plus has teamed up with Europasat to bring high speed fibre broadband to the South West.

Axcelera-C Accelerator for Calves

Read more about Axcelera C, the first accelerator for calves...

Devon County Show Update

Nigel Bond of the Mole Valley Shows and Events team highlights the exciting offers and attractions at this year's show.

Feed Solutions Update

Pete Isaac of Mole Valley Feed Solutions shares with us a dairy industry update.

Banish Fleas For Healthy Pets and Happy Homes

The team at frontline has put together some advice for keeping your pets and home flea free. Read more>

Sleep Deprivation and A Super Vet

Cathy Wood, our Equine Product Manager discusses contracted tendons in her new foal.

Lambs & The Threat of Nematodirus

Protect your lambs from nematodirus by being watchful for symptoms and carrying out faecal egg counts.

Farmer Shareholder Offer for the Devon County Show

We have teamed up with the show organisers to bring you Farmers Friday, offering a very special 2 for 1 event package for the 2016 Devon County Show, (Thursday 19 – Saturday 21 May), to our Farmer Shareholders. Ticket numbers are limited so early booking is advised.

Make Milk Matter Conference

Make Milk Matter Conference on Wednesday 20th April, 9.30 am for a 10am start - 4pm at Westpoint Conference Centre, Clyst St Mary, Exeter. Book your place...

QAC Compliance - Are You Ready?

Are you QAC Compliant yet?

Magnesium or Die

Magnesium is so important at turnout, read more about it here...

Effective Spring Diets For Cattle

Reduce Your Forage Costs

Home grown forages are normally the lower cost way of feeding ruminant livestock, so it is still worth looking at whether costs can be reduced further, but not at the expense of lower crop yields or producing poorer quality feed.

The Wurzels at the Bath & West Showground 1st April 2016

The Wurzels are performing at the Bath & West Showground on 1st April to raise money for RABI.

Optimise Forage for Efficient Production

Come to one of the Forage For Profit evening events to learn more about optimising forage for efficient production.

Farming to London Buses

Buses for the Farming to London March

Ariat at Mole Valley Farmers

Mole Valley Farmers welcomes Ariat...

£2000 Raised for Planting Hope

We have been fundraising for Send A cow and their Planting Hope Campaign, raising £2000.

£1000 for World Horse Welfare

From our Evenings with Emma Massingale during our pet and equine weekends we have managed to raise £1000 to donate to World Horse Welfare.

Meet the Winner of the Suzuki Quad Competition

Meet the winner of the Suzuki quad competition.

Date for the Diary - 17th March - FREE Health Check

Free health checks for farmers at our South Molton branch on 17th March 2016.

Mole Valley Farmers Annual Report Shows Growth In Market Share

Mole Valley Farmers maintains top line performance and grows market share despite reduced profit in challenging year.

Mole Insurance Services At Our Holsworthy Store

Mole Insurance Services open in Holsworthy.

Feeding Your Horse Fibres

The team at Spillers has shared their tips on feeding your horse fibres during the winter months.

Define What You Need from your Wellies

Which wellies are best for you and what does the jargon mean for your comfort and ease of use?

Jenny's Walk

Jenny's Walk a 140 mile walk from Bearminster to Carnon Downs in aid of Joseph Weld Hospice

The Pink Takeover

We've gone pink for Breast Cancer Awareness.

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