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AgriCamera in Action



AgriCamera - More Efficient Stock care & Increased Farm Security

Most farmers do not plan to be lying on a beach somewhere hot, while simultaneously checking out their lambing or calving shed activity, but this would now be possible due to a new product called AgriCamera ( stocked by us.
This unique wireless system, which is compatible with a PC or laptop, gives access to the AgriCamera Dashboard. Strategically placed cameras (which only need to be plugged into an electricity supply), placed in agricultural buildings, combined with the Dashboard, mean stock can be viewed from anywhere in the world.  There is even the facility to share access with other AgriCamera users, so each can view the other’s livestock, as it is not site dependent.

Visitors to the Mole Valley Farmers’ stand at Devon Country Show (21, 22, 23 May) were able to see AgriCamera in action, as were able to stream live images from both the NatWest Livestock arena and the main ring over the three days which was a huge success.  The cameras are now disconnected but we hope to be able to link up again next year.

The wireless AgriCamera provides brilliantly simple lambing and calving solutions to help farmers work not harder, but smarter.  Increased efficiency, reduced man hours, improved animal husbandry, and fewer livestock losses, could mean a system pays for itself in the first few weeks of installation.


The kit can be used equally efficiently for security purposes.  It has been estimated that rural theft in the UK has risen by 5.2%, costing the rural economy a staggering £44.5 million, so crime prevention on farms is becoming an increasing priority.

With Mole Valley Farmers’ prices for the AgriCamera beginning at just £584 + vat for a Starter Kit and a bullet camera combined, and rising to £1,000 + vat for the Ultra 360 Camera, the system has proved a very cost effective option.

Twenty Two year old Jake Withecombe, from Barnstaple, North Devon is the brains behind this high tech farming solution.  He said:

AgriCamera allows you to keep an eye on your shed from the comfort of your home. Just think - no more wasted visits in the middle of the night to a cold and dark shed, only to find nothing has changed! And the remote facility means that we now have farmers who are working together and checking each other’s stock, reducing man hours invested.
Jake continued: “We only launched AgriCamera with Mole Valley Farmers in October 2014, but already interest has been phenomenal.  We welcome anyone wanting to know more to come along to the Mole Valley Farmers’ stand at Devon Country Show and see it for themselves.” 

Caroline Rowden, Product Manager for Mole Valley Farmers says:

We are proud to be a retailer for AgriCamera.  Our prices are very competitive and if the purchasers are either Mole Valley Farmers Country or Farming Members, they receive additional discounts.  However, AgriCamera can also be purchased online via”.


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