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Autumn Bird Watching and a Feast for the Birds

 Autumn bird watching, tweets for the birds

Autumn Bird Watching - Tweets for the Birds

Give the birds in your garden a treat and hear them tweet with our Autumn bird watching tweets for the birds competition.

Throughout October and November we would love to see pictures of the birds you have visiting your garden. 


If you send us your pictures to [email protected] we will share them through our social media channels.

Our favourite image will win a £20 voucher to spend in store or online plus the chance to see your image featured on our wild bird hub page.  The competition ends on Sunday 17th November, terms & conditions apply.


Autumn is a wonderful time to watch the birds in the garden and it is a terrific time to start preparing some treats for the birds that call your garden their home.  If you want to see the colourful flutter of wings return time and time again you might like to think about buying some fat balls, peanuts or wild bird seed


Why Feed wild birds?

You may question why we should feed wild birds and the answer is simple; food shortages can occur at any time for birds and providing them with a maintained source of food year round can help them through the leaner times.  Encouraging birds to visit your garden throughout the year is also immensely satisfying and is perfect for a spot of bird watching.  The more routined you become with providing good quality food from a clean feeder the more likely the birds are to return time and time again.

Bear in mind that if you are putting food out during breeding season it should be food that can be easily digested by young chicks and always be sure to keep feeders clean and free from old scraps.


What not to feed wild birds - Some tips on things that birds do not like:

  • Never give birds milk to drink.
  • Cereals such as oats must never be cooked.
  • Mouldy and stale foods are bad for birds.
  • Desiccated coconut should not be given.
  • Dry dog biscuits – if putting these out make are they are soaked first.


For more information about best practise when feeding birds the RSPB website has lots of excellent information.  Much of the tips within this article have come from their feed section.


 Autumn bird watching tweets for the birds Autumn bird watching tweets for the birds

Posted by Kelly Quance


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