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The Back British farming Charter - Mole Valley Farmers Back British Farming, Do you?

Back British Farming Charter

Mole Valley Farmers has signed the Back British Farming Charter

The NFU has created a charter that they hope will put British farming back at the heart of food production within the UK.  To do this they have already enlisted an impressive collection of companies, politicians, members of the public and food industries as signatories on their Back British Farming Charter.

The NFU has worked out that if all the food produced in the UK had been stored as of January 1st this year the country would have run out of food by 14th August if we hadn’t supplemented with foreign imports.  This surprising and alarming signal emphasises the need to back British farming rather than looking abroad to fulfil our grocery needs.

The erstwhile NFU President Peter Kendall said:

“As an industry we have had a challenging decade but the realisation has dawned that as a nation we can’t simply go around the world chasing the cheapest deal for our food.

“So, instead we need to look closer to home. Right across the board farmers have a fantastic natural capacity to produce more British food, given the right market signals and the confidence to invest.”

The message from the Back British Farming Charter is simple at its core; Britain must be allowed to make the most of its natural resources without a lot of red tape, British farmers must have access to enough water, the latest technology, research and development to ensure that farmers can make the most of their land.  The NFU would also like to see more encouragement for new farmers and opportunities for people to join the agri-sector as well as the fair treatment of farmers across the EU.

Read more about the Back British Farming Charter.

If you would like to sign the charter and show your support for British farming you can do so here .


Back British Farming Charter


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Mole Valley Farmers

posted by: Kelly Quance

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