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How did the Dolomite Nora Wellingtons Do on Review?

 Dolomite Nora Wellingtons

#UniInMyWellies- Feedback for my Dolomite Nora Wellingtons


I tested “Nora” wellingtons. I really liked these wellies, I found them really comfy and easy to get on and off which is something I have problems with in other wellingtons. But these ones I found super easy but they didn't fall off while working or walking in them. These boots were also very comfortable. Some wellies i’ve worn have has quite ‘hard’ insoles but these ones seemed like the insoles were spongy which made them easy to wear for a long period of time.


I found the foot size of this boot great. Normally in wellies I go for a size 8 (actually a size 7) as normally boots are a bit tight around my calf, but these ones were a great fit. When I first saw them was a bit worried that they wouldn’t but I was surprised. These wellingtons seem to be quite sturdy and I would expect them to last about 2 - 3 years.

One problem which I had with the wellingtons, which is not a major problem more of a preference, is the colour of the wellies. I found the green very garish. Once they have gotten a bit muddy it makes it better but on a very puddly day they get washed very quickly -which is great. But if the colour was a bit darker I feel like it would definitely improve the style of the wellington. 


I put my boots through long walks, field work and driving. I found that that boots worked well in all 3 types of conditions. One thing I think could be improved on the wellingtons is the flexibility of the sides of the wellies. I also own a pair of hunters and one thing that I like about those boots is that the sides seem more sturdy. Although it makes the Nora’s more flexible, I feel like the Hunters protect my feet & legs more from the elements. 


The highest price I would be willing to buy a pair of Wellington boots for is around £70. I would expect to pay around £40 for my trial wellies because they are well made and would last a long time. If the appearance of the wellington boot was a little nicer I would be willing to pay around £50 for my trial wellington. But these wellingtons are not made for style they are made for working in. 


Overall I think my trail wellingtons were great, I didn't have any major issues with them and they worked really well. I would definitely recommend these to someone who was looking for general wellington boots. 


Harriet took part in our #UniInMyWellies challenge.


Harriet's boots came from the manufacturer for testing.

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Harriet Simms from our #UniInMyWellies project reviews her Dolomite Nora Wellingtons

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