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Order your aggregate for farm track repairs from Mole Valley Plus

Farm Track Repairs

Are your farm tracks in need of repair after the winter?

Mole Valley Farmers member discounts are available on aggregates, concrete and concrete blocks

After the awful weather we have been experiencing spring is a great time to start planning building projects and repairs for the year ahead and Mole Valley Plus are able to supply you with the materials you need to get started. We use our buying power to negotiate the best deals around on aggregates, concrete and concrete blocks.
Whatever the scale of your project, contact our dedicated concrete and aggregate specialists at Mole Valley Plus to discuss your order. When ordering make sure you follow the tips below to ensure you get what you want, when you want it and at the best price!

Plants and quarries close at 4:30pm - ring before to have a chance of getting what you want when you want it!
Try to give at least 48 hours’ notice to get the delivery slot you require.
Be aware of additional charges which may apply - waiting time, part load, return loads and refused loads are all subject to a charge from our suppliers.
Be aware that all times of delivery advised are not guaranteed.
We cannot guarantee a negotiated discount or a consistent price if you go direct to plant for a delivery or collection - so make sure you contact us first!

Call Mole Valley Plus on 01769 576201

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