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Farming Software for the Future - Zisis Tsiropoulos

 Farming Software for the Future by Zisis Tsiropoulos

Farming Software for the Future - Zisis Tsiropoulos

Zisis Tsiropoulos aims to create farming software for the future to aid economic savings for farmers.

Zisis Tsiropoulos from the University of Thessaly came over to the UK as part of his PhD to study “Management Systems of Agricultural Equipment” at Harper Adams University.

During his time at Harper Adams he was committed to developing his knowledge in designing computer software which he hopes will be able to revolutionise farming.  He aims to complete software that would automatically accept data from different devices about mechanical farm equipment with a view to monitoring and assessing efficiency on the farm.

On the Farming UK website Zisis says:

“My job is to make the system compatible with as many data monitoring devises as possible, to create one system to hold all the data that farmers can use to be more productive.

“The system we will design will be free, so all the farmer will need is a laptop to use the application, which could save them thousands in the long run.”

He has aspirations that younger farmers will want to immediately use this software in a bid to make their farms as efficient as possible.  Tsiropoulos  hopes that the widespread use of this software may well provide some economic savings for farmers in a very modern way.  

Those interested in technological advances in the agricultural industry may also be aware of trends on social media to encourage an online community of farmers.  The use of hashtags such as #twitterinthefarmyard or #agrichatuk provides an opportunity to join in discussions on agricultural matters with likeminded people and companies.   One other significant technological advance is being tested in America where Google has been busy testing its Google Glass concept on the farm.  It seems that in a digital age hooking up devices in order to make sensible and well informed decisions out in the field is one of the progressive trends on the farm.

Posted by Kelly Quance


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